Mission, Vision, & Values

Mission Statement

McLaren Health Care, through its subsidiaries, will be the best value in health care as defined by quality outcomes and cost.

Vision Statement

We strive to become the region’s healthcare provider of choice by delivering exceptional health and wellness services.

Values Statements

Value Driven Healthcare

All team members will deliver care and services to patients in a manner that provides the greatest impact for every healthcare dollar spent.

Patient Safety

Our staff strives to enhance patient safety by following established procedures and processes that help mitigate errors and prevent harm.

Service Excellence

All team members will provide exceptional care and will meet or exceed expectations.


All team members will take ownership for how their actions impact outcomes and performance.


Leadership will promote open communication in order to foster partnership and collaboration across the organization and improve quality, safety, and patient satisfaction.


Openness, honesty, and ethical behavior are important expectations of every team member.


Leadership is committed to creating an environment that encourages new ideas and creativity.  We will embrace change and are always looking for ways to improve the quality of health services.


We will provide the best possible care – treating patients and family members with sensitivity and empathy.


Team members will deliver care and services with respect.  Compassion, empathy, and dignity will be primary considerations for every patient interaction.

Operational Excellence

All team members will strive to reduce inefficiencies wherever and whenever possible.  Continuous improvement will become a part of everyone’s everyday work.