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Cancer Care

At McLaren Health Care and our cancer centers, Karmanos Cancer Institute, we understand that making your way through a cancer diagnosis can be a stressful and scary time. That’s why we pride ourselves on being one of the best cancer treatment systems in the entire country.

At Karmanos Cancer Institute, we are always a step ahead by staying continually committed to groundbreaking original cancer research and treatments. We can confidently say that we are among the first to offer many up-to-date and advanced cancer treatment options, so you can be confident in knowing that you’ll receive the very best in cutting-edge care.

Cancer is a complex disease that demands complex care. Karmanos Cancer Institute provides all our patients with carefully constructed and dynamic treatments focused on the person’s specific cancer diagnosis and individual needs. We listen to our patients in a respectful, caring, and compassionate manner, so that we are sure to understand all emotional and practical concerns that are held.

You are not just another patient at Karmanos Cancer Institute. You are you. You are unique. You are a fighter…and we’re on the same team.

Karmanos Cancer Institute at McLaren Clarkston

When one is faced with a new diagnosis of cancer, the search for hope can seem confusing, overwhelming, and uncertain. But when seeking care at Karmanos Cancer Institute at McLaren Clarkston, hope can be seen all around:

  • In the healing environment and surroundings, including the beautiful Garden of Healing and Renewal
  • In the face of the technician performing the PET/CT that will provide the needed information for your physician to make an accurate diagnosis or to stage your cancer
  • In the faces of the physicians working together with the team of nurses, social workers, pharmacists, dietitians, and other health care professionals to plan the most advanced treatment options available
  • In the faces of your family, friends and loved ones as they travel the journey of care and treatment with you.

The Cancer Care team at Karmanos Cancer Institute at McLaren Clarkston believes that hope begins with keeping the cancer patient in the center of all we do. Each cancer patient is unique. The team of skilled and experienced cancer physicians and experts at Karmanos Cancer Institute at McLaren Clarkston create personalized treatment plans in collaboration with the patient and family.