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Young Dad Chooses McLaren after Obesity Spoils Family Fun

Published on Tuesday, January 19, 2016

After climbing to the top of the stairs at a water park with his 5-year-old daughter, William Daniels learned he exceeded the park’s weight limit to safely ride the slide. Having to turn around and walk back down the stairs was the turning point for him. William was ready to take charge of his health and move forward with gastric bypass surgery. At almost 40 years old, his diabetes was “out of control” and he was “maxed out” on his oral medications to treat his diabetes. He admits to needing insulin, but wanted to avoid daily injections. William had weighed over 300 lbs. for the last 20 years and, like most bariatric surgery patients, had tried to diet and exercise only to see limited success and to eventually regain the weight.

William chose McLaren Bariatric & Metabolic Institute and surgeon Michael Kia, DO, based on his own research, as well as the recommendations of his physician, friends and family. After consulting with Dr. Kia, William elected the Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass surgery, as he and Dr. Kia felt this was the treatment that would provide him with the best results for improving his diabetes. William has found that the post-surgery care education sessions at McLaren have helped to reinforce his healthy behaviors. In addition, the people he sees at these sessions provide encouragement and help him understand what to expect as he continues with his weight loss journey. The discussions prepare him for when times are tough or challenging. William is also active on social media sites and message boards, and he finds the information helpful and encouraging.

Since his surgery on October 6, 2014, William has experienced many positive changes. He has lost 155 pounds and takes just one medication to manage his diabetes (along with healthy eating and exercise). With so much energy now, he doesn’t like staying still. You’ll usually find him at the gym four to five days a week. He enjoys bicycling, walking and working out with weights. William, who is a teacher at Flushing High School, says his coworkers and students have been very supportive of him. Past students barely recognize him and he has been mistaken as a substitute teacher for his class.

His family continues to be his biggest support system. He and his daughter enjoying playing outdoors, and he was able to help her learn how to ride a bike this summer. William is very proud of his wife, who through healthy changes to her diet and an increase in her physical activity has lost 80 pounds alongside her husband.

This summer, William and his family visited Disney World. He happily reports that he was able to ride every waterslide that interested him and he was able to fit into every ride the park had to offer, making for a very enjoyable vacation with his family.