Wait at home, not the ER

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McLaren Bay Region Emergency Center
McLaren Caro Region Emergency Center
McLaren Thumb Region Emergency Center
McLaren West Branch Emergency Center

24/7 Emergency Care

Around the clock emergency care is available at a McLaren emergency room near you. Patients are seen 24/7 by board-certified emergency physicians, emergency room nurses, and support personnel. Whether a patient needs a trauma or resuscitation bay, an isolation room, tele-stroke technology as a part of the McLaren Stroke Network, lab work or imaging, including X-rays and CT scans, they’ll receive the appropriate care.

The waiting rooms accommodate social distancing as well. The ability for anyone with non-life-threatening conditions to schedule their arrival time through either center’s online check-in system is also an option.

Keeping Patients Safe During COVID-19

McLaren has been on the forefront of protecting and treating patients throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, having the expertise and experience to keep our patients, families and staff safe. Don’t delay your medical needs or ignore symptoms. Early detection and treatment of serious conditions improves our ability to provide the most comprehensive and effective care for you.