Have you had your annual mammogram?

Early detection of breast cancer makes a difference

While it may be easier to put off a mammogram, taking action is the most important step you can take to protect your health.

With three convenient locations, McLaren Greater Lansing offers the comprehensive breast care and mammography services. All of our physicians, clinicians, and staff are attuned to women’s needs and with their clinical expertise and understanding of your health concerns they provide superior care.

In addition to individual consultation rooms and private dressing areas, you can expect a clinical breast exam, review of any recent imagining studies (mammogram, breast ultrasound, MRI) and have recommendations explained thoroughly. Additional imagining, stereotactic core biopsy, ultrasound guided core biopsy, and cyst aspirations will be performed during clinic when possible. If you need surgery, it can be scheduled through the clinic. 

Breast Cancer: Who should receive a screening mammogram?

Most women should have yearly breast cancer screenings if they:

  • Are 40 years or older.
  • Have a family history of breast cancer, especially a first- or second- degree relative who has had the disease.
  • Have a personal or family history of certain genetic mutations.
  • Have dense breasts.
  • Are considered high risk for breast cancer.

Breast Care Clinic

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Contact Information
  • Troy Ferguson, DO Surgery - Breast, Surgery - General

    Location: Lansing

  • Suzanne Hanses, DO Surgery - Breast, Surgery - General

    Location: Lansing

  • Sanjay Pathak, MD Radiology

    Location: Grand Rapids

  • David Rawson, DO Radiology

    Location: Grand Rapids

McLaren Greater Lansing Breast Cancer Navigator

Sarah Lersch, RN
Phone: (517) 975-6432
Email: sarah.lersch@mclaren.org