Inpatient Geriatric Psychiatry Program

Shelby Geriatric Psychiatry

There are many factors that can affect the physical, mental and emotional well-being of an older adult.

McLaren Macomb developed its Senior Behavioral Health Center to address the special needs of seniors who are experiencing emotional and behavioral changes. The new facility provides a safe, secure environment essential to successful inpatient psychiatric treatment.

The new 23-bed inpatient facility is designed to meet the needs of adults 65 and older who are in need of treatment for increased anxiety, prolonged emotional issues after a major life event, behavioral disturbances, depression with suicidal thoughts, hallucinations and delusional thoughts, among other behavioral health needs.

Patients at the Senior Behavioral Health Center must be 65 or older, have a documented primary acute psychiatric disorder and be able to cognitively participate in therapeutic programs.

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Overseen by a board-certified psychiatrist, the facility’s multi-disciplinary team establishes a structured, supportive and safe environment where patients learn to identify problem areas and develop solutions. Combined with education and therapy, patients build skills for improved mental health and quality community living.

The team includes:

  • Board-Certified Psychiatrists
  • Registered Psychiatric Nurses
  • Certified Nursing Assistants
  • Licensed Social Workers
  • Occupational and Recreational Therapists
  • Community Education Coordinator

Addressing a community need

Macomb County is home to nearly 874,000 people, and 39 percent are over the age of 50. Considering this aging population, 20 percent of people age 55 and older require a level of behavioral health treatment, yet only 3 percent seek treatment.

With Macomb County’s aging population, the demand for senior behavioral health services exceeds the current availability, and the need will continue to grow.

This building and new service represents an $8 million investment in the community.

Messages from Area Leaders

Tom Brisse, President and CEO, McLaren Macomb
Tom Brisse
President/CEO - McLaren Macomb

“It has been very encouraging to see an emphasis placed on behavioral health over the past several years, and the de-stigmatization of those patients in need of care. Launching a new service is always exciting, especially one that will meet a growing community need and have such a positive impact on so many families. We are confident this new facility will do just that.”

Mark Hackel
Macomb County Executive

“Macomb County’s population is growing, and more of our Baby Boomers are reaching their later years. There’s a need in our community for that senior-specific care. People are living longer, and they deserve to have a good quality of life for those years, so we’re thrilled that McLaren Macomb has expanded to meet that need.”