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Department of Transportation physical exams are offered at this location

What are Department of Transportation (DOT) Physicals?

  • Federal law requires all drivers of commercial vehicles to receive regular physical exams, known as a DOT Physical (Department of Transportation Medical Examination). These exams are designed to detect a variety of health conditions that can impact a commercial vehicle driver’s ability to drive safely on the road for extended periods of time.
  • What to know before your DOT Physical exam:

  • Bring any required forms including the completed DOT Medical Examination Report with Driver Information (license) and a current list of medications you may be taking.
  • Our providers can only verify immunizations administered at our clinics. Please bring appropriate documentation if we did not administer them.
  • A DOT physical should not replace an annual wellness physical.
  • What DOT Physicals Cover

    truck driver
    • Vision: Drivers are required to have at least 20/40 acuity in each eye with or without correction. They are also required to have at least 70 percent peripheral in the horizontal meridian, measured in each eye.
    • Hearing: Drivers must be able to perceive what is known as a "forced whisper" at a distance of 5 feet or less, with or without a hearing aid. This standard equates to an average hearing loss in the better ear of less than 40 dB.
    • Blood pressure/pulse rate: The medical examiner will check the driver's blood pressure and pulse to look for high blood pressure and irregular heartbeats.
    • Urinalysis: A urinalysis is required. The test looks for indications of underlying medical conditions, such as diabetes.
    • Physical Examination: The physical exam will cover many different categories, including:
      • General appearance
      • Eyes (cataracts, glaucoma, macular degeneration, etc.)
      • Ears (scarring of tympanic membrane, perforated ear drums, etc.)
      • Mouth and throat (to look for problems breathing or swallowing)
      • Heart (murmurs, pacemaker, etc.)
      • Lungs and chest (abnormal breathing, impaired respiratory functions, cyanosis, etc.)
      • Abdomen and Viscera (enlarged liver, muscle weakness, etc.)
      • Vascular (abnormal pulse, carotid, varicose veins)
      • Genito-urinary (hernias)
      • Extremities (limb impaired)
      • Spine, other musculoskeletal (previous surgery, limitation of motion, tenderness, etc.)
      • Neurological (impaired equilibrium, coordination or speech pattern, ataxia, asymmetric deep tendon reflexes)

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