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Do VA Health Care Benefits Cover Proton Therapy?

When diagnosed with cancer and given the option of proton therapy treatments, many ask this question. For Veterans who are receiving VA health care benefits, that answer is often yes. The Veterans Health Administration (VHA) policy allows veterans across the country access to proton therapy. The decision for proton therapy treatments is determined by the VHA attending radiation oncologist, a proton therapy specialist and you, the Veteran.

If radiation is a treatment option given to you by your VHA oncologist, ask about proton therapy.

Two scenarios that the VHA might consider proton therapy treatment is when certain cancers require retreatment, or reirradiation, and when the minimization of a patient’s overall radiation dose is crucial for their health during and after treatment.

The VHA also provides coverage for Veterans who participate in an approved clinical trial. The opportunity to participate in clinical trials through Karmanos Cancer Institute is available to McLaren Proton Therapy Center patients. Clinical trials help to maximize the positive impact on cancer patient’s lives and contributions to the advancement of proton therapy.

What is Proton Therapy?

Proton therapy is a radiation oncology treatment that uses protons to precisely target and treat tumors, while sparing healthy tissues and organs from unnecessary radiation. Standard cancer treatment options for patients include surgery, chemotherapy and radiation therapy. While all of these options may offer varying levels of benefit for a cancer patient, proton radiation therapy is often considered more effective against localized cancers.

Proton therapy most often treats solid tumors in sensitive areas where conventional therapy may not be considered as the best option.

Benefits of Proton Therapy

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