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Doherty Scholarship

Doherty Scholarship

Mary Catherine was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan to Dr. William G. Quigley, M.D. and Catherine Quigley, R.N. and after Catherine’s death at an early age Agnes Quigley, R.N., Mary had the medical profession in her genetics and discovered her passion of caring for others at a young age.

Mary found herself a natural caregiver helping with her four siblings and caring for neighborhood children. After deciding to pursue a career in Nursing, Mary graduated from the Providence School of Nursing in 1959. She began caring for patients at Providence Hospital and in her father’s practice.

These nursing skills were used throughout Mary’s life, but primarily in her roles as a mother and caregiver to her family and any friends, neighbors and strangers that were fortunate enough to cross her path. Mary was married to David J. Doherty, Ph.D. in October, 1963 in Detroit, Michigan and together they raised 5 children while residing in the Flint, Michigan community. David, a family man and a community activist, an educator and an administrator, actively served on the McLaren Regional Medical Center Board from 1987 – 2008 and on the McLaren Foundation Board from 2001 – 2008.

Both David and Mary were diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and passed away in 2011. Loving parents and grandparents, David and Mary taught friendship and compassion through example. Through their tireless efforts in neighborhood and community involvement they enhanced the lives of others, either through friendship, education or a better community to live in.

Mary Catherine (Quigley) Doherty, R.N. David John Doherty, Ph.D. Memorial Nursing Scholarship - Guidelines

Mary Catherine (Quigley) Doherty, R.N. David John Doherty, Ph.D. Memorial Nursing Scholarship - Application