Healing Through Art is a collaborative effort between McLaren Flint and the Flint Institute of Arts and is dedicated to the promotion of healing for cancer patients through the creative visual arts process.  This resource is provided free of charge to cancer patients.

  • According to a study in the Journal of Pain and Management, art therapy was shown to decrease pain, tiredness, depression, anxiety, drowsiness, lack of appetite, and shortness of breath after sessions in art therapy.
  • The creative process serves to help patients and caregivers express thoughts and feelings in a non-verbal way with the support of a trained art therapist.
  • The intent of having workshops outside of the medical environment is to develop familiarity with an alternate place for the continuation of the creative process after treatment has concluded.

Opportunities for Patients and Caregivers  

Individual Sessions:  Patients are able to meet with the art therapist privately in her office by appointment or during a chemotherapy session in the medical oncology suite at Karmanos Cancer Institute.  

Support Group Sessions:  On occasion, the art therapist works with members of the breast cancer support group at Karmanos Cancer Institute-McLaren during their regularly scheduled meetings.  Other cancer support groups can arrange for the art therapist to attend a meeting.  

Workshops:  The Flint Institute of Arts and McLaren Flint are offering a one-of-a-kind partnership the provides individuals with cancer and their caregivers an opportunity to incorporate art into their healing process.  Workshops are offered with no fee for individuals with cancer and their families.  Registrations is required.  


  • To facilitate health and wellness through the use of art therapy
  • To add beauty to the healthcare site
  • To provide an ongoing art experience, even after treatment ends
  • To provide art therapy to individuals while undergoing chemotherapy
  • To utilize art therapy with the cancer support groups
  • To further McLaren Flint's commitment to the Greater-Flint Community to provide state-of-the art treatment services to our patients through evidence-based practices
Gail Singer

Meet the Art Therapist

Gail comes to the McLaren/FIA Program with a strong background in art therapy.  She received her masters degrees in both Art Therapy and Counseling at Wayne State University.  


The art therapy program at McLaren is funded through the generous gifts of patrons in the community.  The FIA and McLaren Foundation are grateful to all of the individuals and organizations that are supporting this collaboration.  A special thank you is extended to the Stella & Frederick Loeb Charitable Trust and the McLaren Auxiliary, without whose support this special program would not be possible.   

If you are interested in making a financial gift in support of Healing Through Art, please contact the McLaren Foundation at (810) 342-4087 or you can make your donation here