Celebrating Happiness Happens Month!

Dear Friends,

I was recently made aware of a secret society – which, of course, instills mystery and intrigue! This particular group has a unique mission: to stimulate people’s right to express their happiness. Crazy, right? Or maybe not.

The Secret Society of Happy People was just months old in 1998 when its founder Pamela Johnson challenged advice columnist Ann Landers for discouraging people from writing happy holiday letters enclosed in their holiday cards. In writing Landers, Johnson demanded an apology “to the millions of people you made feel bad for wanting to share their happy news.” Landers actually overturned her advice as this was an extremely rare incident that created a change of heart for the advice columnist.

August is now deemed Happiness Happens Month and we are all encouraged to be, well, happy! We should feel free to share happy news and look for moments of happiness as we go about each day. I hope you’ll find some happiness and inspiration in this edition of our newsletter. You’ll find:

* A story about our Auxiliary Volunteers and why they are happy to serve,

* An invitation to the 12th Annual Windows to the Future Donor Appreciation Luncheon featuring special guest speaker Mike Utley,

* And there’s some news you can use about a new Lung Cancer Detection program. Maybe this isn’t the happiest topic; however, it pretty cool to know that this kind of screening is available.

Happiness sometimes is just what you make it. What are you feeling happy about? I’d love to hear from you!

Gratefully yours,


Roxanne R. Caine, CFRE Vice President