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Walgreens and McLaren Health Care Announce Health Services and Pharmacy Collaboration

 McLaren plans to open a combination of several different types of health service offerings in Walgreens retail locations throughout Michigan, including retail health care clinics, urgent care centers and primary care sites.

McLaren Flint First Area Hospital to Acquire Newest Robot

McLaren Flint continues to be the region’s leader in the use of the daVinci® Surgical System. The hospital has invested in the latest version of Intuitive’s robotic equipment called the daVinci Xi.

Ever Living Tree Gifts at Work: A Source of Hope for Those with Cancer

On her birthday in 2016, Camelita Rice received one of the biggest surprises of her life - she was diagnosed with breast cancer. As a single mom helping her daughter get ready for her senior year of high school, Camelita was not prepared for this news or the events in the coming weeks and months.

World’s Smallest Pacemaker is Big Deal When it comes to Patient’s Heart Health

The timing on new cardiac technology available at McLaren Flint could not have been more perfect for Michael Johnson, age 62, of Grand Blanc. His interventional cardiologist, Ethiraj Raj, MD, recently diagnosed him with bradycardia and he was in need of a pacemaker to treat it.

Amputee's Attitude and Determination Inspires Patients and Therapy Staff

Monica Gonder is on a mission to make her life whole again. From the time her journey started on September 21, 2016, to the present, she has amazed clinicians and inspired fellow patients.

Karla's Story

July 2, 2016 was not a momentous day for Karla Thiel and her husband Jerry, but it was enjoyable. The two were happy to spend the beginning of their three-day holiday vacation driving to different campgrounds, and picking out spots they would like to stay with their new travel trailer. Looking back, Karla treasures the memory of it. The very next day one accident would change their lives dramatically.

How to Be Smart (About Emergency Preparedness)

Emergencies are everywhere: from floods to flu, tornadoes to terrorists…How do you prepare for all of it?

Special Place in the Heart: Orthopaedic Residency at McLaren Flint

While Dennis Callahan, MD, trained at a number of hospital systems, he always retained a warm spot in his heart for the unique approach of McLaren's orthopaedic residency program.