Endowment gifts are invested with a portion of the earnings from these investments used to fund programs, and the remainder invested to grow the fund.  As a fund grows, so do the earnings.

Endowment gifts live beyond the donors, helping to ensure the continued strength of McLaren Flint.  Through endowment giving, one generation looks after another, helping to provide a healthy future for those we love.

Minimum contributions to establish an endowment vary depending on the purpose of the gift.  To name a fund for an individual or family, a minimum contribution of $10,000 is required, unless otherwise specified.  Additions to existing endowments have no minimum contribution requirement.

Several examples of programs that could be endowed at McLaren Flint are as below:

  • Individual endowments for cardiovascular, cancer, kidney, orthopedics, the neurosciences, women's services or the emergency department
  • Graduate Medical Education
  • Medical Education Speaker Fund
  • Named Chairs of Residency Programs (Funds will help to ensure continued outstanding leadership in the education of medical professionals, research, and the development of patient care initiatives)
  • Named Medical Department Directorships (Funds will help sustain excellence in patient care and leadership in the medical departments)
  • Nursing Education Speaker Fund