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Your Stay

Your Stay at McLaren Flint Family Birthplace

Your Accommodations

Enjoy the comfort and privacy of a special LDRP maternity suite. Short for "labor, delivery, recovery, post-partum," McLaren's 14 LDRP suites offer both comfort and privacy. With the exception of cesarean deliveries, your entire stay will take place in one room with a home-like setting featuring beautiful wood-tone floors and soothing color schemes. Registered nurses care for you during your entire stay so you can relax in comfort knowing your are in good hands.

Designated Obstetric OR

Cesarean births are performed on the maternity floor. A fully-equipped Operating Room is located within the BirthPlace unit to accommodate scheduled or emergency cesarean births. The baby's father, or designated support person, is permitted to be with you during your baby's birth.

Rooming with Baby

McLaren makes every effort for you to form a strong bond with your newborn. New parents appreciate being close to their babies, and at McLaren, we encourage you to keep your baby with you as much as possible. This special time gives you the opportunity to learn your baby's personality and schedule while still having the support of our nursing staff. However, the nursery is always available as a secure option if the need arises.

A Secure Environment

Special measures are in place to ensure the safety and security of your baby at the BirthPlace. Electronic security ankle bands are placed on every infant following birth. The entire BirthPlace unit is accessible only to authorized staff and guests through a locked entrance.

Catering To You

At McLaren, we offer a personalized touch to dining service. A catering associate will visit you to read you the day's menu and assist you with your dining selections. Here, your catering associate is responsible for every aspect of your meal, ensuring accuracy and overall patient satisfaction.