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Ortho Joint Program

The McLaren Flint Joint Replacement Program offers an all-inclusive, planned course of treatment for individuals who undergo a total joint replacement with a strong focus on wellness, not sickness.

This comprehensive program focuses heavily on education and group support techniques for the joint replacement patient. This philosophy of care has been shown to increase patient satisfaction and safety, and return to daily activities is much quicker.

Joint Replacement Program at McLaren Flint

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Draw on Our Experience
If pain makes you miss the things you enjoy, you're not alone. More than 100,000 people who suffered pain in their knees, hips, elbows, or ankles, or had pain because of sports injuries like tennis elbow, osteoporosis, arthritis, or spinal degeneration found relief -- thanks to the orthopedic specialists at McLaren Flint.

Surgeons Second to None
McLaren's orthopedic surgical team is the largest and most experienced group in the region. Our physicians are board certified, and many have specialized expertise in areas such as hand, spine, and foot/ankle.  No matter what the injury or condition, McLaren can get you back in the game.

Comprehensive Joint Replacement (CJR) Collaborator List

Norman Walter, MD

Seann Willson, MD

Ajay Srivastava, MD

Paul Telehowski, MD

Matthew Sardelli, MD

Click here to view our Comprehensive Care for Joint Replacement Collaborative Agreement Selection Criteria.

Dedicated Staff, Dedicated Care
McLaren's nurses, physical and occupational therapists, certified athletic trainers, and clinicians excel in patient focused care. And our dedicated orthopedic unit includes a state-of-the-art physical therapy department that offers optimal patient convenience, care, and recovery. 

A Specialized Program for a Quicker Recovery
McLaren's innovative approach to hip and knee replacement has patients actively involved in their recovery, learning personal pain management, and getting back on their feet faster -- all with McLaren's uncompromised quality of care.

You don't have to play tennis to develop tennis elbow. Our orthopedic specialists are experienced in treating this common ailment, and can often do so without the use of surgery. No matter what the injury or condition, McLaren can get you back in the game.

Peace of mind. Our range of treatment options and our caring, compassionate staff will make you feel good from head to toe.

Of course we treat carpal tunnel, arthritis, ganglion cysts, and trigger finger -- the most common ailments of the hand and wrist area. But because we are a teaching hospital, we have access to the latest advances in all areas of orthopedics right at our fingertips!

Do you dread climbing stairs? Are you giving up activities you enjoy because your knees hurt too much? McLaren's minimally invasive treatment methods and surgical and non-surgical techniques will bring the enjoyment back to your life.

The hip bone is connected to * just about everything! And when your hips ache, everything seems to hurt. We repair or replace over 700 joints every year. You don't have to live with constant foot or ankle pain.

Do you want to give your shoulder pain the cold shoulder? Come to McLaren.  We're experts at repairing rotator cuff injuries, using surgical and non-surgical interventions including arthroscopic treatment.

What We Feature


At McLaren Flint education is key to our joint replacement patients' satisfactory outcomes.  Group classes are held at the hospital along with a tour of the unit prior to surgery. Patients are encouraged to bring a friend or family member with them who will be helping with their recovery. This comprehensive class covers all aspects regarding what a patient needs to know about their surgery and recovery and includes Pre-Admission Testing.

Surgery Day

The day of surgery, patients begin physical and occupational therapy right on the Joint Replacement Unit. Therapy takes place in group sessions, where encouragement from both staff and fellow patients fills the gym. All patient rooms on the Unit are private and each has a daybed for a friend or loved one to stay. An information board in each room lists the patient's surgeon, primary care physician, and nurse, as well as their fall risk, pain rating and therapy goals. When it is time to go home, anyone who cannot participate in outpatient therapy can be assisted by McLaren Health Management Group which is available to provide in-home services.

The combination of a dedicated team of clinicians all working together on a dedicated unit means patients experience better coordination of care and quicker recoveries.

Our Unit

The design of the Unit is far from traditional. A bamboo patterned railing contrasts against dark wood wall units and flooring, accented with light wood and soft green paint. All patient rooms, as well as the therapy gym, have window views.

Other special features on the unit include:

  • 13 private patient rooms, all with window views
  • Spacious rooms, bathrooms and daybeds for guests
  • Message boards in each patient's room for better caregiver communication
  • Board certified orthopedic and neuro surgeons
  • Dedicated orthopedic and neuro physician assistants
  • Dedicated registered nursing staff and physical and occupational therapy staff
  • A team approach to care
  • Quicker recovery

How Do We Measure Up?

The Joint Replacement patient care unit at McLaren Flint is in the 90th percentile or higher as compared to all hospitals in the Press Ganey Patient Satisfaction Data Base.

Program specific, internal quality reports comparable or better than the national average according to hospital compare and nationally published reports.
-Lower Blood Transfusion Rate
-Lower 30-Day Readmission Rate
-Lower Complication Rate
-Shorter Hospital Stay
-Lower Admissions to Skilled Nursing Facilities after a Joint Replacement

Hundreds of patients relieved of pain from repairs to aging joints, orthopedic injuries

Pain. It's the 5th vital sign -- at least for orthopedics. Patients coming for surgery or therapy want relief from their pain. Patients define pain many ways -- unrelenting, throbbing, burning, aching, shooting, gnawing, unbearable. Orthopedic surgeons and rehabilitation staff at McLaren and therapy staff are intent on"erasing that pain."

Relief comes from:

Orthopedic surgery, ranging from hip and knee replacements to hand, spine, foot and ankle and shoulder surgery;

McLaren offers a"five-star" comprehensive, innovative, and patient-focused orthopedics program that erases or eases the pain for hundreds of patients each year. McLaren is the only area hospital with an academic partnership with Kettering University, in conducting biomedical research with an orthopedics focus.

Orthopedic surgeons that practice at McLaren are the largest and most experienced group in the area. All orthopedic surgeons at McLaren are board-certified, and each has completed extensive sub-specialty training in their discipline of interest -- hip and knee joint replacement, shoulder and elbow surgery, hand and wrist surgery, spine surgery, foot and ankle surgery, and sports medicine.

Post-surgery, patients recover in a dedicated orthopedics unit that includes physical and occupational therapy to provide convenience, accelerated recovery with appropriate pain control, and continuity of care through McLaren's outpatient rehabilitation centers.

McLaren orthopedic surgeons and staff participate in clinical studies and research, so patients receive the latest technological advances in orthopedic care. McLaren has a fully-accredited orthopedics medical residency that requires our orthopedics program to practice cutting-edge orthopedic medicine. This includes minimally-invasive and gender specific treatment options for hip and knee surgeries.

Erasing joint and tissue pain is not wiped away as simply as a pencil eraser removes an unwanted mark. Yet, in skilled surgeons' and therapists' hands, orthopedic patients leave, experiencing new mobility, range-of-motion, and therapeutic tools and outpatient opportunities that can move them toward a new life -- without pain!