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Daniel's story

Published on Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Daniel Perez
Gastric Band
July 2010
Weight loss 77 pounds

For Daniel Perez, obesity was keeping him from being the father he wanted to be.

“My son took an interest in t-ball and I couldn’t practice with him,” said Perez. “I would get tired too quickly and my back would ache. My son and daughter are young. It is important to me to be able to play with them instead of sitting in a chair and just watching. ”

In addition to fatigue and back pain, he suffered from hypertension, Type II diabetes and sleep apnea-all complications associated with obesity.  His predisposition for obesity was high. He credits his heredity, although he didn’t feel comfortable telling relatives he was considering surgery to fight the extra weight.

“I told my family I was having gallbladder surgery instead of a bariatric procedure because I felt like there was a stigma associated with having surgery to lose weight,” recalls Perez. “Like being unable to control my own weight was something to be embarrassed about.”

In July 2010, Daniel had a gastric banding procedure at McLaren Flint. All of his pre-op and post-operative care was handled through McLaren Bariatric and Metabolic Institute in Clarkston. For Daniel, bariatric surgery was the boost he needed to help him start living the life he wanted. He has lost 77 pounds. He no longer has hypertention or sleep apnea. His Type II diabetes is completely resolved. He runs 4 miles a week and is able to play with his kids all he wants.

“The whole experience has been the best thing for my self-esteem,” says Perez. “I don’t feel embarrassed about having bariatric surgery anymore. In fact. I tell everyone exactly how I’ve changed my quality of life for the better.”

His advice to anyone considering bariatric surgery?

“The care after surgery is very important. I feel like the staff here are my health cheerleaders. Feeling cared about is the extra touch I needed to stay motivated and be successful.  To anyone struggling with obesity, I would share that if you put in a little effort, you’ll get big results.”