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Spine Treatment

Treatment Options

From your first visit to the McLaren Spine Program to your final follow-up, our specialists are prepared to offer you the most appropriate and effective treatment from a full range of available option. Whenever possible, the McLaren Spine Program will explore nonsurgical treatments first. These treatments may include pain management, physical therapy or a psychological intervention.

Individualized Treatment Plans
Our physicians work closely with physical therapists to develop a complete, individualized treatment plan for each patient that considers his or her diagnosis, lifestyle and treatment goals.  We take pride in working as a team to achieve the best possible outcomes for our patients.

The McKenzie Therapy Method is a philosophy of active patient treatment that emphasizes injury intervention and prevention.  This method provides the patient with lifelong pain management skills that can be used in daily living activities.

Surgical Treatment 

For some problems, surgery is the only feasible solution.  Our team of surgeons are experience and well skilled in performing a wide range of procedures, from routine to more complex cases.

Whatever your diagnosis, our specialists are dedicated to restoring your function and relieving pain to the greatest degree possible by applying their skill and knowledge with advanced techniques and technology.

Spine Surgery Education

Since its inception, McLaren Flint's Spine Center offered education classes to patients. This unique program is designed to walk the patient, as well as family members through the surgical process from preadmission testing, to what to expect post surgery at home. The class is overseen by clinicians who answer your questions regarding surgery, your hospital stay, discharge and going home.