McLaren Medical Group Leadership

McLaren Medical Group’s (MMG) leadership maintain a wide scope of knowledge and experience in the health care world which uniquely qualifies them for their roles. Our executive model ensures physician participation in all levels of the decision process. The leadership team is supported by managers in each MMG region that facilitate the day-to-day operations of each practice and provide direct management to frontline staff.
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    President & CEO
  • Carla Henry
    Carla Henry
    VP HR, Physician Services & Provider Recruitment
  • Brad Ropp MD
    Brad Ropp, MD
    Chief Medical Officer
  • Rochelle Schiller
    Rochelle Schiller
    VP Operations
  • Greg Antilla
    Greg Antilla
    Chief Financial Officer
  • The MMG leadership team has expanded to include 3 Assistant Chief Medical Officers along with the Regional Medical Directors. These leaders impact daily practice management and serve as system advisors.

  • David Pinelli DO
    David Pinelli, DO
    Assistant CMO
  • Sandra Russell DO
    Sandra Russell, DO
    Assistant CMO
  • Mike Schafer, MD
    Mike Schafer, MD
    Assistant CMO