Scott S. Stewart, Chair*
The Huntington National Bank

Rick Wendorf, PhD*, Vice Chair
Community Philanthropist


E. James Barrett
McLaren Greater Lansing Board of Trustees

Sara Dolan, CPA, MBA
MSU Federal Credit Union

Brenda J.Geoghegan
Huntington Private Bank

Sarah L. Jennings, CPA, CFE
Maner Costerisan

Calvin L. Jones
Lansing Board of Water and Light

Lisa Allen Kost
CB-HB Commercial

Nancy Meddaugh
McLaren Greater Lansing Volunteers

John O'Toole
The Christman Company

Charles J. Taunt, Jr., DO
Michigan Orthopedic Center

Christine Tenaglia, DDS

Angela Witwer
Edge Partnerships, LLC

Lyn Donaldson Zynda*
ZHV Properties LLC

*Executive Committee Member


Jim Beck

Seong H. Chi, MD
Retired, Cardiothoracic Surgeon

Shelley Davis Boyd

Salvatore J. Durso
The Centennial Group

Nancy A. Elwood
Merrill Lynch

Thomas E. Hoffmeyer
Retired, Gorsline Runciman

Theresa A. Hubbell
Retired, Coldwell Banker Hubbell BriarWood

Becky Beauchine Kulka
Becky Beauchine Kulka Diamonds & Fine Jewelry

Chuck L. Lasky
Lasky, Fifarek & Hogan, P.C.

Darrell A. Lindman
Fraser Trebilcock David & Dunlap, P.C.

Dennis M. Louney
DML Consulting

Ralph M. Shaheen
Shaheen Chevrolet, Inc.

Jeffrey S. Williams
Williams AutoWorld



Sarah L. Spradlin, CFRE
Vice President*

Mollie Bort
Marketing Specialist

Shelly Houston
Foundation Database Supervisor

John A. Ortega
Marketing Specialist


Kayleigh Rayburn
Donor Relations Specialist

Courtney SIlverthorn
Annual Giving Specialist

Rachel Turek
Special Events Coordinator

Scott S. Stewart, Chair

As someone who has lived in the Greater Lansing area nearly all of his life, Scott believes strongly in supporting the local community. The Michigan State University graduate joined the McLaren Greater Lansing Foundation Board of Trustees in 2007 at the urging of one of his mentors, who told him “there were a lot of good people there doing a lot of good things.” He has particularly enjoyed resurrecting, and then serving on the Business Partners in Health Committee because of its connection to what he does in his job as vice president of business banking at The Huntington Bank in East Lansing. He believes strongly in McLaren Greater Lansing’s focus on patient care and comfort, and says “putting the patient at the center of everything the hospital does” is the right thing to do. Scott’s work keeps him “in perpetual motion.” But he knows how to relax, often spending his Saturday afternoons in the fall with his feet propped up while watching college football.

Favorite Quote:  Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm. -- Winston Churchill

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Rick Wendorf, Ph.D., Vice Chair

One of the board’s longest serving members, Rick is excited about the direction the McLaren Greater Lansing Foundation is headed. He has seen some big changes at the hospital since he joined the board in 2007, and strongly supports the Foundation’s efforts to help McLaren Greater Lansing continue to be the most compassionate and patient-centered healthcare facility in mid-Michigan. He has served as a co-chair for the Annual Gala fundraising event four times, and takes great satisfaction in the support the Foundation gives the hospital via grants to various programs and departments. The Eaton Rapids native does not mince words when asked about the importance of philanthropy, stating those “who have been given much in life” have a “social obligation” to give back. In the early 2000s, that philosophy led the Olivet College and Michigan State University graduate to strongly encourage his parents to become donors to organizations and causes in whose mission they believed. Away from his duties on the Foundation board, Rick is an opera singer, a voice coach who runs Bel Canto Studio, and a part-time realtor.

Favorite Quote:  May all that has been reduced to noise in you become music again. -- David Teems

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Charles “Rusti” Owens, Treasurer

Rusti joined the McLaren Greater Lansing Board of Trustees because he was “looking for some exciting and interesting things to do.” He has continued to serve on it for three main reasons, the first of which is the devotion his fellow board members have for the mission of the Foundation. While Rusti enjoys the synergy that can come about when a group of people work together for a common cause, he cites two other big reasons for serving on the board. The first is his excitement about the “challenge that lies ahead” for the Foundation. The second is his pride in “working hard to make a difference” in the Greater Lansing community. Giving back to the community is very important to him, as is helping McLaren Greater Lansing become the number one healthcare provider in the mid-Michigan region. As someone who likes to play golf, it is not surprising that Rusti has been the co-chair of the Jack Breslin Golf Classic since 2015. Outside of volunteering and his job as a project manager and landscape architect for C2AE, the Ball State University graduate enjoys woodworking and riding his Harley-Davidson “Fat Boy” motorcycle.

Favorite Quote:  The world makes way for the man who knows where he is going. -- Ralph Waldo Emerson

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Lynn Henley, Secretary

Born with a congenital heart defect, Lynn knows first-hand that excellent healthcare is essential to one’s well-being. Beginning with her teenage years as a candy striper, the director of client services and business development at Rehmann has always been inspired to give back. Lynn is very passionate about serving on the McLaren Greater Lansing Foundation Board of Trustees as she believes philanthropy is what makes a community strong. She says philanthropy and volunteering go hand in hand, that you get more out of them than you put into them. She enjoys participating on the Foundation’s Philanthropy Advancement Committee because serving on it has added a “level of commitment” to being a trustee. The Grand Rapids native wants to see the hospital grow, because McLaren Greater Lansing has “an incredible amount of medical knowledge, experience and passion” that can serve the community well. In her spare time, Lynn enjoys traveling and spending time with friends, family, and her whoodle. She has two adult children who work in the medical field.

Favorite Quote: Love the life you live. Live the life you love. -- Bob Marley

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E. James Barrett

After a 37-year career with the Michigan Chamber of Commerce and a five-year run as president of Management & Marketing Advisory Services, Inc., Jim retired from full-time work in 2013. However, he has been anything but idle since, currently serving on the boards of numerous organizations, including the McLaren Health Care Corporation, McLaren Greater Lansing, and McLaren Greater Lansing Foundation. Jim, who was president of the Michigan Chamber of Commerce from 1976-2008, says he and his family have been “blessed,” so now is the time to do as much as they can in the way of volunteering and supporting good causes. When it comes to the Foundation board, he is excited about the broad representation from the community in terms of background and experience, the quality of its members, and the “wonderful opportunities” the Foundation has to improve health services in the Greater Lansing area. Away from volunteering and some part-time consulting work, the Lansing Community College and Michigan State University graduate enjoys golf, travel, and attending MSU football, and men’s and women’s basketball games.

Favorite Quote:  Never give in – never, never, never, never, in nothing great or small, large or petty, never give in except to convictions of honour and good sense. -- Winston Churchill

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Sara Dolan, CPA, MBA

Sara is a firm believer that giving back is a social responsibility. If you have success in life, it is important to pay it forward, as the expression goes. That’s a big reason why she sits on the board of trustees of the McLaren Greater Lansing Foundation and is involved with several other organizations at the board or membership level. The thing she enjoys most about being on the Foundation board is getting to hear about the positive impact awarded grants have had on various departments in the hospital. Seeing how the Foundation’s funds are used to help others makes “her heart happy.” She also takes pride in being part of an organization that plays a big role in the Greater Lansing area, saying it is important to create “positive environments” in the community. Outside of her volunteer responsibilities and her job as the chief financial officer of the MSU Federal Credit Union, Sara is the mother of four. The MSU and Western Michigan University graduate does not have any current hobbies, as most of her spare time is spent with her family and supporting her kids in whatever activities they are involved.

Favorite Quote:  Do what you feel in your heart to be right - for you’ll be criticized anyway. -- Eleanor Roosevelt

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Brenda J. Geoghegan

Diversity and respect for one another are big strengths of the McLaren Greater Lansing Foundation Board of Trustees, according to Brenda. When a board is comprised of individuals with a variety of skill sets, it can lead to different ideas being proposed in regard to projects or events. And when everyone’s opinion is valued, ideas flow freely and increased creativity can be the result. Brenda is energized by the level of commitment of her fellow board members, saying their compassion for the hospital and the Greater Lansing community is “contagious.” She also feels her own leadership skills have improved by working with such an engaged group of local supporters. Brenda enjoys the sense of “pride and identity” that comes with volunteering, and adds that doing good things for others gives her a feeling of “accomplishment.” Aside from volunteering and her job as a private banker for The Huntington Bank, the Owosso native enjoys golf, running, yoga, and cooking. Brenda earned a degree at both Michigan State University and the University of Michigan, but roots for MSU when it comes to college sports.

Favorite Quote:  You get what you focus on. -- Mark Dantonio

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Sarah L. Jennings, CPA, CFE, CAE

Time is precious and selecting organizations to give that to is not done lightly – it is done with great care ensuring passion for the vision and mission of the organization. That has been the case for Sarah when it pertains to her time on the McLaren Greater Lansing Foundation Board of Trustees. She joined the board because she wanted to be involved in an organization outside her field of expertise, and says it is an “honor” to be part of it. She has enjoyed being engaged in the local healthcare community and is one of three at-large members on the board’s Executive Committee. She believes strongly in McLaren Greater Lansing “taking the level of service and care of its patients to the next level,” and is excited about the Foundation’s role in making that happen. She also likes the Foundation’s involvement in events that benefit the Greater Lansing community. A native of Perry, Sarah is a principal in Maner Costerian’s Accounting and Outsourced Solutions Department, with much of her work focused on fraud detection and prevention, and overall organizational process improvement and oversight. The Illinois Wesleyan University graduate resides in the Lainsburg community with her husband and son.

Favorite Quote: I have found that among its other benefits, giving liberates the soul of the giver. -- Maya Angelou

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Calvin L. Jones

As the product of a home where giving back to the community was expected, it’s not surprising that Calvin has been a board member of numerous organizations. However, none of them were related to healthcare until he joined what is now the McLaren Greater Lansing Foundation Board of Trustees in 2009. The Lansing native and self-described lifelong learner had always viewed McLaren Greater Lansing as a “diamond in the rough.” But being a board member has given him a better appreciation of the important role a hospital can play in the health of a community. He says it’s invigorating to serve on a board that includes “community and region leaders” who are focused on raising funds for, and increasing the stature of, McLaren Greater Lansing. “It’s given me an opportunity to expand my leadership abilities,” he said. “I’ve learned a lot by watching how other board members lead.” Calvin was the co-chair of the Foundation’s Jack Breslin Golf Classic from 2015-17. Not surprisingly, the former Marine enjoys golf, as well as chess and reading, when he isn’t working as the director of governmental affairs and community relations for the Lansing Board of Water and Light, or serving as a board member on more than a half-dozen organizations.

Favorite Quote: Ask not what your country can do for you - ask what you can do for your country. -- John F. Kennedy

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Lisa Allen Kost

Raising money for the benefit of people and programs is what Lisa enjoys most about her role on the McLaren Greater Lansing Foundation Board of Trustees. She really likes the fundraising process, calling it “very interesting and exciting.” She also enjoys taking part in and supporting Foundation events such as the Jack Breslin Golf Classic and the Annual Gala. After serving previously on the boards of several organizations and her church, Lisa likes the “casualness” of the Foundation’s board meetings, and appreciates serving with trustees who are engaged and supportive of one another. As a commercial real estate agent with Coldwell Banker Hubbell BriarWood, she says it is easy to get wrapped up in “her own little world.” However, volunteering helps “you focus on other people.” As an army brat, Lisa moved close to 20 times before she was 19, living in places such as Germany, Japan, California, and Texas. Away from her job and volunteering, the Michigan State University graduate enjoys golf, skiing, walking, and attending MSU football and basketball games.

Favorite Quote: Fall down seven times, get up eight. -- Japanese Proverb

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Nancy Meddaugh, Ph.D.

As president of the volunteers at McLaren Greater Lansing, Nancy holds a designated seat on the Foundation’s Board of Trustees. However, her ties to the hospital are extremely personal as her mom was a patient here for four years while being treated for tuberculosis. Nancy was nine months old when her mom was admitted to the hospital, which eventually became McLaren Greater Lansing, and nearly five years of age when she was released free of TB. During that time, Nancy could speak with her mom through a window in her room, but she was not allowed inside the hospital due to the highly contagious nature of tuberculosis. Although her mom lived for nearly 50 more years after her release, Nancy’s experience led her to view hospitals as places of “life and death.” And that what happens in them is “very important.” Nancy is impressed with the way in which hospital staff interact with patients, as well as their families. “You’re treating the patient both physically and emotionally,” she said. “But you also need to treat the families emotionally.” A Lansing native and Michigan State University graduate, Nancy had a 37-year career in education as a teacher and administrator, with her last 19 years coming as principal of C.W. Neff Elementary School in Grand Ledge.

Favorite Quote: Knowledge comes, but wisdom lingers. -- Alfred Lord Tennyson

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John O’Toole

Poor health can severely limit your quality of life. That is a big reason why John has been involved in the healthcare construction field since 1987, and why he feels it is important to serve on the McLaren Greater Lansing Foundation Board of Trustees. A second reason is he knows healthcare is “not accessible to all,” and he wants to work with the board to help those “less fortunate than us.” The Christman Company had a history of executives serving on the Foundation board when John started working for the company in 2002. And he was happy to continue the tradition when a board spot came open in 2009. “We should be giving back to the people of the Lansing community,” he said, “because they have supported Christman for years and years.” John’s immediate family is also very involved in the healthcare field as his wife is a nurse, their oldest son is a healthcare consultant, and their second son is an occupational therapist. The Vice President of Healthcare Services at Christman, John is a Ypsilanti native who graduated from Eastern Michigan University. Outside of work and volunteering, he enjoys hunting, fishing, kayaking, snowshoeing, and following college football and basketball.

Favorite Quote: Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference. -- Winston Churchill

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Charles Taunt, Jr., DO

Chip likes to see the fruits of his labor. Whether improving the quality of someone’s life by replacing their knee or hip as an orthopedic surgeon, or helping the McLaren Greater Lansing Foundation decide where to award its grants, he enjoys seeing tangible results. He said it’s “super satisfying” for he and other board members to see money raised by the Foundation going back to the community. Helping the hospital “be a better place is very appealing” to him. Chip’s father was his role model when it came to serving on boards as he was involved with numerous organizations at both the charitable and business level. Chip likes the energy level of the Foundation board, saying trustees can be counted on to step up or pitch in when it comes to a project or event. Outside of work and serving on the Foundation board, the University of Notre Dame graduate spends a lot of time coaching youth lacrosse; he believes sports can teach young people how to “carry on when confronted with adversity.”

Favorite Quote: Toughness is about making the play that needs to be made, regardless of the circumstances. -- Kevin Corrigan

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Christine Tenaglia, DDS

Dr. Tenaglia, a general dentist in Okemos since 1993, was looking to get involved and give back to the community when she joined the McLaren Greater Lansing Foundation Board of Trustees in 2012. Serving on the board has enabled her to learn more about the medical field and work alongside a group of people intent on helping the Foundation do good things for the hospital and for people in the area. One of the things Dr. Tenaglia enjoys most about serving on the board is learning about different aspects of McLaren Greater Lansing via presentations at board meetings. She says the presentations keep the meetings lively, and found a tour of McLaren Orthopedic Hospital – led by trustee and orthopedic surgeon Dr. Charles Taunt - to be particularly interesting. Dr. Tenaglia views volunteering and philanthropy as meaningful ways to support the Greater Lansing community. “We all live, work, and play here,” she said. “It’s important for us to realize we’re all in this together.” The Hartland native and University of Michigan graduate’s hobbies include running, skiing, golfing, and fine dining, particularly when it includes good wine.

Favorite Quote: Success never rests. On your worst day, be good. On your best day, be great. And on every other day, get better. -- Carmen Mariano

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Angela Witwer

When the opportunity came for Angela to serve on the board of a healthcare organization, McLaren Greater Lansing was her first – and heartfelt – choice. For it was doctors and nurses at what is now McLaren Greater Lansing that “saved her father’s life” in the mid-1970s. That allowed her, her three sisters, and their mother to spend six more years with a man who died when he was 47 due to complications from a rare blood clotting disorder. George Brownell taught his daughters the importance of giving back to the community by donating cars and money to organizations he valued. He also mandated that the girls contribute 10 percent of the money they made babysitting to the church they attended or an organization of their choice. Angela, the co-owner and president of Edge Partnerships in Lansing, has always respected McLaren Greater Lansing’s “leadership” in the heart and orthopedic fields, and is happy to be giving back to the hospital that “gave our family added years with our father.” When she is not working and serving on the board of several organizations, the native of Buckley (south of Traverse City) enjoys music, art and golf.

Favorite Quote: To laugh often and much; to win the respect of intelligent people and affection of children; to earn the appreciation of honest critics and endure the betrayal of false friends; to appreciate beauty; to find the best in others; to leave the world a bit better; whether by a healthy child, a garden patch, or a redeemed social condition; to know even one life has breathed easier because you have lived. This is to have succeeded! -- Ralph Waldo Emerson

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Lyn Donaldson Zynda

Lyn is the president of ZHV Properties, a real estate LLC. Yet “philanthropist” is the title with which she identifies most. Her interests lay with the arts and children. She also supports the Greater Lansing Food Bank, St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, and not surprisingly, McLaren Greater Lansing. A physician at the hospital, and his wife got Lyn interested in joining the McLaren Greater Lansing Foundation Board of Trustees in 2012, and she has enjoyed being part of it. She has met some “marvelous and really talented” people who are committed to the mission of the Foundation, and not just using their membership as a “resume builder.” She is excited about helping to raise money for programs at the hospital, and energized by the direction it is moving. She also underwent knee replacement surgery at McLaren Orthopedic Hospital in July of 2017, and experienced the first-class, compassionate care for which the hospital is known. One of two army brats on the board, Lyn was born in Munich, and has also lived in Japan, Texas, Illinois, and Indiana, in addition to Michigan. Although her philanthropic endeavors currently take up much of her time, she hopes to do more traveling and crafting in the future.

Favorite Quote: To whom much is given, much will be required. -- Luke (12:48)

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Shelley Davis Boyd

Shelley served on the McLaren Greater Lansing Foundation Board of Trustees from 2010-14 after previously volunteering on several hospital committees. The Lansing resident was compelled to do so because it’s “important to have high-quality health care in the area.” She enjoyed learning about “all the hard work that goes into the purchase of state-of-the-art equipment” while on the board. She also takes pride in having been the chairperson of the Annual Gala in 2011 and ’12, when its proceeds benefitted orthopedics and its theme was “The Hippest Party in Town.” She credited a “great group of people” on the Gala organizing committee for producing a pair of events that were “fun, entertaining, and something everyone could be very proud of.” Outside of her job as a corporate marketing strategist for LAFCU, the Baker College graduate is on pace to earn an MBA from Northwood University in December. Caring for her children is also part of her busy schedule, but she is religious about attending early-morning Bikram yoga classes three days a week.

Favorite Quote: Live my life without regrets. – Shelley Davis Boyd

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Salvatore Durso

After growing up financially with little, but with a strong family foundation, Sal feels a “responsibility to give back to the community to make it a better place.” That was one of the reasons the CEO of The Centennial Group served on the Foundation board from 2002-12. It was also why several years ago he, his wife Marcie, and Centennial CFO David Fitch founded a non-profit called All of God’s Children, an organization that strives to make “a difference in the lives of disadvantaged children.” Sal takes great pride in the way the McLaren Greater Lansing Foundation helps the hospital compassionately serve so many people in the area. He points to construction of the Chi Heart and Surgery Center as an important project that benefitted from the Foundation’s generosity while he was a member of its board. Outside of his job and philanthropic interests, the Lansing resident and Utica (NY) native enjoys traveling, boating, golfing, skiing, hiking, and riding all-terrain quad motorcycles.

Favorite Quote: Life is a marathon, not a sprint; pace yourself accordingly. – Amby Burfoot.

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Thomas Hoffmeyer

Whether serving on the board of trustees of what was then known as Ingham Medical Center from 1988-98, or what is now called the McLaren Greater Lansing Foundation from 1998-2006, Tom has always felt trustees are responsible for working together so “everybody’s collective effort and wishes” are best used to contribute to the “quality of services the hospital provides.” He feels blessed to live in the Greater Lansing community and through the years has supported many organizations that contribute to the betterment of life in the area. Tom firmly believes if a lot of people give a “little here and a little there,” whether through volunteering time and effort, or making contributions, they can make a big difference. He learned the value of teamwork from the late Ed McRee, who served as president and CEO of what is now McLaren Greater Lansing from 1961-94. Tom retired in 2014. He was the former managing partner and president of the Gorsline Runciman Funeral Homes for more than 40 years, and was employed by the company for over 50 years. The Michigan State University graduate resides in Bath with his wife, Lynne, and enjoys being outside and spending time with family.

Favorite Quote: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. – Luke (6:31)

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Theresa Hubbell

Theresa enjoyed many aspects of serving on the Foundation’s Board of Trustees from 2000-06, including fundraising. She found it invigorating to ask people to support the hospital’s work, and was particularly heartened when “people would come through and be financially more generous than expected.” She has served on many boards in the Greater Lansing area over the years, and she and her husband Bob supported many organizations because it’s “important to give back, and volunteer time and money to strengthen your community.” Theresa worked alongside Bob in the real estate field for 37 years before Bob retired last December and Theresa followed in January. Unfortunately, their retirement together was limited, as Bob was diagnosed with bone cancer in late May and passed away at McLaren Greater Lansing on June 29. Theresa greatly misses her husband of 33 years, but is grateful for the compassionate care he received at the hospital. “Saints administered his care,” she said. “I can’t believe the sincerest passion each person gave for his comfort and health care.”

Favorite Quote: Surround yourself with people who make you laugh. Love the people who treat you right. Pray for the ones who don’t. Life is too short to be anything but happy. – Jose N. Harris

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Darrell Lindman

Darrell has numerous ties to the McLaren Greater Lansing Foundation and the hospital. In the late 1980s, he began serving as pension counsel for the two Lansing hospitals that would eventually merge and later become what is now McLaren Greater Lansing. He and his wife Susan, have supported the Foundation since 1988, and he served on the organization’s board from 1999-2007 and from 2012-14. He also underwent radiation treatment at the hospital in 2003 after having a cancerous tumor removed from his neck. Darrell says it is important for the Greater Lansing community “to have access to high-quality health care.” He is proud the Chi Heart and Surgery Center was constructed during his first tenure on the board and is excited about McLaren Health Care’s plans to consolidate McLaren Greater Lansing and the McLaren Orthopedic Hospital into one medical facility on land adjacent to Michigan State University. Away from his job as an attorney with Fraser Trebilcock, the East Lansing resident and graduate of Western Michigan University and the University of Michigan Law School enjoys listening to classical music, spending time on Mullett Lake, traveling, and reading.

Favorite Quote: True greatness is achieved by making a difference in other people’s lives. – Matthew Kelly

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Sarah L. Spradlin, MPA, CFRE

Sarah serves as vice president of McLaren Greater Lansing Foundation, where she leads fundraising efforts through strategic plan development, collaborative partnerships, and donor cultivation. She is responsible for planning and implementing the largest campaign in the Foundation’s history, raising funds to support Redesigning Health Care, a project consolidating McLaren’s two current Lansing hospital facilities into a new $450 million campus adjacent to Michigan State University. She is a 20-plus year veteran in fundraising with an extensive background in managing highly successful organizations. Sarah was drawn to the Foundation in 2013 by the possibility of leading a capital campaign for this “once in a lifetime” project. Before that, she was regional vice president for philanthropy for Mercy Health Foundation St. Louis. That followed development leadership roles for Children’s Hospital of Michigan, and for The Beaumont Foundation. She enjoys working with the team she supervises, and calls it an “honor” to collaborate with an “incredible” group of board members and volunteers. Outside of work, she has served on the Greater Lansing Food Bank’s Empty Plate Host Committee since 2015. When it comes to hobbies, the graduate of MSU and The George Washington University enjoys antiquing, traveling, music, and old movies.

Favorite Quote: How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world. – Anne Frank

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Mollie Bort

Mollie calls her job with the McLaren Greater Lansing Foundation a “blessing” that she “lucked into.” First exposed to the work of the Foundation when she volunteered at the 2014 Annual Gala, Mollie applied for her current position the following year after learning of the opening through her husband, a Marketing Specialist in the hospital’s Marketing Department. Mollie enjoys the variety of design opportunities she has in her role and knowing the materials she creates will help to benefit the healthcare available to the Greater Lansing community. She calls it, “designing for a cause.” Outside of work, Mollie volunteers with the Alpha Phi chapter at Michigan State University. The sorority played a positive role in her life while attending Bowling Green State University and she wants others to have a similar experience. The Holt native and mother of two also enjoys playing board games, attending trivia nights, and spending time with friends and family.

Favorite Quote: Say yes, and you'll figure it out afterward. – Tina Fey

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Shelly Houston

Shelly is the super-vet amongst the McLaren Greater Lansing Foundation staff as she started working here in 1998. She figured she would be in her administrative assistant role for a few years before moving on to somewhere else. However, she soon realized she enjoyed the fundraising process and a work atmosphere she described as “hard, but energetic and fun.” She also “fell in love” with the hospital itself after seeing the compassionate care its staff gave to her late husband Mike over a 15-year period. Shelly likes her job because no day “is ever the same,” and there are always new challenges. She also enjoys the people she interacts with, whether they are co-workers, members of the Foundation’s board of trustees, or patients at the hospital. A native of Haslett, Shelly has earned three degrees, including a master’s in data analytics from the University of Maryland University College. Outside of work, Shelly is passionate about animal rescue. She enjoys walking her two dogs in a nearby park and along the Lansing River Trail, as well as building 1,000-piece jigsaw puzzles.

Favorite Quote: Live simply, love generously, care deeply, speak kindly, leave the rest to God. – Ronald Reagan

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Kayleigh Rayburn

Kayleigh was pointed in the direction of the McLaren Greater Lansing Foundation by board member Lyn Zynda, who figured she would be a great addition to the team after watching her in action as a VIP experience guide at Universal Orlando Resort in Florida. Kayleigh has a deep appreciation for hospitals and the critical role foundations can play in their success as her older brother Scott had numerous health issues while she was growing up. She says a “big part of why he is alive today” is because of the hospital staff, and the foundation-funded technology and resources they had at their disposal. Kayleigh, who began working for the Foundation in May, likes “making a difference in the community around” her and wants to “connect with people and be part of their stories” at McLaren Greater Lansing. Outside of work, the Ball State University graduate enjoys rock climbing, yoga, eating donuts, and drinking coffee. She likes to volunteer and also supports a nonprofit that focuses on working to free girls trapped in the child sex trade in Cambodia.

Favorite Quote: Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times, if only one remembers to turn on the light. – Albus Dumbledore

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Rachel Turek

It is important to Rachel that she work for a business or organization that is looking to make a difference in the world. She would also like her place of employment to be filled with people that she enjoys being around. Her job with the McLaren Greater Lansing Foundation enables her to meet both of those requirements. She is particularly fond of working with the WeCare Committee, a group of employees who encourage their peers to take part in annual events that have some type of charitable and/or volunteer aspect to them. She also takes a lot of satisfaction in helping to organize the Annual Gala, one of two major fundraising events the Foundation stages each year. Rachel can vouch first-hand about the quality of care given to patients at McLaren Greater Lansing, as health guidelines required her to undergo a series of rabies shots in 2016 after she was awakened one night by a bat flying around her bedroom. Outside of work, the Grand Rapids native and Michigan State University graduate annually participates in Operation Good Cheer, a holiday program in which people donate toys to children in foster care.

Favorite Quote: Life is a great big canvas, and you should throw all the paint on it you can. – Danny Kaye

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