Greater Lansing - FM Core Faculty

Core Faculty

Madeline Lewis, D.O.
Madeline Lewis DO, Program Director

Sarah Denham, D.O.
Sarah Denham DO, Associate Program Director

Mark Gracia, DO
Mark Garcia DO, Clinical Faculty

Williams Swords DO, Clinical Faculty

Wendy Page-Echols DO, Clinic Preceptor

Reddog Sina DO, Clinic Preceptor

Current Residents

Nyebol Madut
Nyebol Madut, PGY-3

Lauren Michels
Lauren Michels, PGY-3

Nicole Soos
Nicole Soos, PGY-2, Chief Resident

Christina Downer
Christina Downer, PGY-2, Chief Resident

Rachel Perry
Rachel Perry, PGY-2

Jesse Zrull
Jesse Zrull, PGY-2

Christina DeBoer
Christina DeBoer, PGY-1

Catherine Bach
Catherine Bach, PGY-1

Shimaa Mousa
Shimaa Mousa, PGY-1

Andrea Stoecker
Andrea Stoecker, PGY-1

Please feel free to contact any of us if you are interested in the program or if you have any questions.