Greater Lansing - FM Core Faculty

Core Faculty
  • Amy Keenum, DO
    Amy Keenum, DO, Program Director
  • Mark Gracia, DO
    Mark Garcia DO, Clinical Faculty
  • Taylor Scott, DO
    R. Taylor Scott, DO Clinical Faculty
  • Jessica Heselschwerdt MD
    Jessica Heselschwerdt MD, Preceptor
  • Jeremiah Lopez MD
    Jeremiah Lopez MD, Preceptor
  • Rosemarie Tolson DO
    Rosemarie Tolson DO, Preceptor
  • Wendy Page-Echols DO, Clinic Preceptor

    William Swords, DO, Clinic Preceptor

    Current Residents

  • Nicole Soos
    Nicole Soos, PGY-3, Chief Resident
  • Christina Downer
    Christina Downer, PGY-3, Chief Resident
  • Rachel Perry
    Rachel Perry, PGY-3
  • Jesse Zrull
    Jesse Zrull, PGY-3
  • Christina DeBoer
    Christina DeBoer, PGY-2
  • Catherine Bach
    Catherine Bach, PGY-2
  • Shimaa Mousa
    Shimaa Mousa, PGY-2
  • Andrea Stoecker
    Andrea Stoecker, PGY-2
  • Joseph Bielecki, DO
    Joseph Bielecki, DO, PGY-1
  • Mackenzie Dickinson, DO
    Mackenzie Dickinson, DO, PGY-1
  • David Nebbeling, DO
    David Nebbeling, DO, PGY-1
  • Sara-Bethany Weir, DO
    Sara-Bethany Weir, DO, PGY-1
  • Please feel free to contact any of us if you are interested in the program or if you have any questions.