Pre-Procedure Testing

Before having surgery, you will have some tests to assist in determining your general state of health. Many patients undergo this testing before they are admitted to McLaren Greater Lansing, while some have this testing done the day they are admitted. If you have your testing done beforehand at a location different than McLaren Greater Lansing, please bring your test results with you to the hospital on the day of your procedure, or your procedure may be canceled or delayed.

Some types of routine tests:

  • Blood tests provide information about your blood cells and body chemistry.
  • Blood typing is done in the event you may need a transfusion.
  • An electrocardiogram gives basic information about your heart and how it is functioning.
  • An analysis of your urine helps check your body chemistry and the state of your kidneys.
  • A chest x-ray may help in showing the condition of your lungs.