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McLaren Greater Lansing Orthopedic Hospital Testimonials

Published on Wednesday, July 22, 2015
Jan Lynch hip replacement patient

When faced with grueling, daily hip pain, Jan Lynch became her own health advocate. As the house mother of Sigma Kappa Sorority and competetive distance walker, Lynch was busy, but the constant pain kept her from sitting for long, and had even forced her to change her stride to compensate for the aching hip.
So Lynch began to take an active role in her treatment. “I exercised daily, lost weight, took medication, and went through physical therapy. I did everything my physician recommended, but the pain still woke me up at nights,” explains Lynch.

When non-surgical options were ruled out, Lynch began researching her prognosis, looking for a surgeon, and asking friends and family for recommendations.

“If I heard someone had hip surgery, I’d immediately find out who they went to and what it was like,” says Lynch. “The McLaren Orthopedic Hospital patients always had great things to say. They really liked the care they had received.”

With consideration for her lifestyle, Dr. Floyd Goodman from Genesis Orthopedics and Sports Medicine scheduled Lynch for hip surgery. “My stay at McLaren Orthopedic Hospital was wonderful,” smiles Lynch. “It was as though they were expecting me, and I was treated like a V.I.P. guest.”

After surgery, Lynch has returned to her busy lifestyle. She walks daily and has already completed a few walking half-marathons.

“Take responsibility for your health,” she advises. “Learn what your options are, and find a physician who can communicate with you through the process.”


"I left McLaren Greater Lansing Orthopedic Hospital in awe of the treatment I received from all of the personnel assigned to my room.

Each of the individuals was attentive to my needs, usually knowing what I wanted before my desire was known to myself! Not only were they attentive, but each person really seemed pleased to be allowed to provide the care.

This treatment was from each person who entered the room: housekeeping, food service, nursing personnel, and physical therapists."

Arnold, McLaren Orthopedic Hospital patient

"Thank you for your kind and helpful attitudes. Your staff is wonderful!"

Julie, Family member of an McLaren Orthopedic Hospital patient

"I couldn’t have asked for a better stay. The whole staff was exceptional and very professional. I felt confident all the way—from surgery to physical therapy.

My doctor was very caring and thorough. I heard nothing but positive comments about him from all of the staff."

Randy, McLaren Orthopedic Hospital patient

"Special thanks to the McLaren Orthopedic Hospital staff! Each of you were kind, warm and caring to me and my family and brightened each day. Thanks very, very much."

Charles, McLaren Orthopedic Hospital patient

"Your staff did everything they could to keep me comfortable during my stay. My nurse, Sherry, even lent me her reading glasses when I left mine at home! She often anticipated my needs. What a caring and efficient nursing staff."

Susan, McLaren Orthopedic Hospital patient

"Your physical and occupational therapists were so supportive, working with me to get moving again. Since I’ve been home recovering, I often think back to how to easily and properly get around. Thank you for the helpful advice and guidance. You were all awesome. Thank you for the excellent care."
Katie, McLaren Orthopedic Hospital patient