Wise Person Guided Imagery

Purpose: To increase awareness of inner wisdom and connection to Self.

This is an imagery exercise where you should think of a pressing problem or concern to present (to the Wise person) for assistance or advice.

You may wish to precede this exercise by eliciting the relaxation response through meditation, Relaxation Response, Mini-Relaxation Response, yoga, stretching, breath or mental focusing for 3 -- 10 minutes before beginning.


Imagine walking along a mountain path on a journey that you have long awaited, for at the end of this path is a wise and compassionate person. You have likely heard of this person's keen insights and loving nature and had hoped that one day you would meet. Today is the day.

Over the next few minutes allow yourself to experience the splendor of anticipation as you climb in mindfulness, focusing your attention on your experience of senses. Within you imagination, it is likely your favorite season and your favorite time of the day and as you progress, gently notice the sights around you, right now . . . . . . . .

Notice the fragrances . . . . . . Notice the tastes that unique to this place . . . . . . And allow yourself to focus on the sounds surrounding you in this peaceful place . . . . . . Now gently bring your awareness on your sense of touch, perhaps you've found a mountain stream for your refreshment . . . . . . Over the next few moments continue along your path, focusing your attention in this way on ay or all of your senses.

In a few moments your path will end and you will likely see a cottage or dwelling of some kind with a welcome sign. Upon entering the dwelling you are greeted by this most wise and compassionate person. You notice the warmth and kindness in the eyes and in the tone of the voice. Allow yourself to become familiar with them in any way that feels comfortable. Begin to describe your concerns and problems. Listen to their guidance and engage in a dialogue to aid your understanding.

In the next few moments say goodbye in any way that feels right; you may choose to arrange another time to meet in the near future. And when you feel ready, begin your journey back down the mountain -- reflecting upon the significance of your experience.

Note: This is often a powerful imagery exercise offering participants much self awareness and insight. Participants should be encouraged to visit this Wise Person whenever they are troubled. Discussion involving who represented this Wise Person is another means of self-awareness. Generally, if the person is real, they represent characteristics that the imager values and thus needs to nurture and develop in themselves. If the Wise Person is purely imaginary, the characteristics of that person or image may be equally revealing.