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  • Lansing - Patient and Family Advisory Council Form


    Patient and Family Advisory Council Application Form

    The Patient and Family Advisory Council (PFAC) is a group of patients, family, and caregivers who meet monthly with health care providers from McLaren Greater Lansing (MGL). The group serves as a recommending body to inform MGL on patient-related facility issues in order to assist the MGL organization with its patient-centered focus.

    Monthly meetings are held at McLaren Greater Lansing, 401 W. Greenlawn, Lansing. The ongoing meeting schedule will be made available to applicants who are approved for PFAC membership.

    Note: Fields marked with an * indicates required field

    Contact Information:




    Application Questions:







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  • Greater Lansing - Alumni Spotlight


    Name: Pearce Dupuis, DO Graduated from MGL FM Residency in 2015 How is life as an attending? ● Overall I would say it’s pretty good. Has it’s ups and downs, but the work is both challenging and fulfilling. Being in charge feels different, but that’s not always bad. I work in a place that has a great collaborative atmosphere just like I had in residency and so I’m never afraid to reach out for other opinions or ask for help. Tell us about your practice! ● I am employed by a hospital owned group. We have ... Read More


  • Lansing - Palliative Care


    What's the difference between palliative care and hospice? Hospice is a type of palliative care that is a comfort-focused and meant for patients with terminal illnesses in the final months of life. Palliative care is available at any time during your illness. Unlike hospice, you can receive palliative care at the same time you're receiving curative treatments. Improves quality of life Palliative care teams treat people living with serious, complex and chronic illnesses such as the following: Alzheimer's... Read More


  • Lansing - Patient and Family Advisory Council


    Are you looking for a way to make a meaningful contribution in our community? If you or a family member have had exposure to McLaren Greater Lansing services in the past 12 months, consider partnering with us to lend your voice to the patient experience. Our patients, families, and team member come together monthly to share ideas on current hospital issues and initiatives. For more information, complete and return the form below to any McLaren Greater Lansing team members or contact the PFAC Facilitator... Read More


  • Nursing Excellence Nomination Form


    Nursing Excellence Award
    McLaren Greater Lansing

    Nursing Excellence Criteria:

    Honoree must be an outstanding nurse (RN) who has exemplified excellence in practice, education, leadership, and community involvement. The Honoree must be employed as a nurse at McLaren Greater Lansing a minimum of one year.

    1. Entries must be received by April 5, 2017. LATE ENTRIES WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.
    2. Narrative should contain complete, concise answers to the criteria.
    3. Supporting documentation is accepted but should only enhance the narrative and not be used instead of the narrative to answer the criteria.
    4. The Selection Committee will be comprised of members from the Professional Practice Council.

    For additional information or questions, or to submit completed nomination forms, contact Lisa Mlynek at (517) 975-6256 or

    Note: Fields marked with an * indicates required field

    Please respond to the following questions in a summary format

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  • Peer to Peer Recognition Form


    Peer-to-Peer Recognition
    McLaren Greater Lansing

    When you witness a team member demonstrating acts of excellence beyond the daily scope of work, in the best interest of a patient, family member, or fellow employee, nominate them for the Employee Recognition Award. All nominees will receive acknowledgement from the Reward and Recognition committee. Nominees who meet all criteria and truly exceed McLaren Excellence standards will receive a wearable item to identify their recognition for outstanding service and an invitation to have breakfast with the CEO.

    Note: Fields marked with an * indicates required field

    Nominee form:

    Nominee information:

    If you need more space to complete your story, please type or write your story on a separate piece of paper and attached it to this application. Note: You must upload a .pdf or image file. Word, Excel and Text documents are not permitted.

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  • Lansing - Nominate a coworker for the 2018 Salute to Nurses


    Nurses work hard ... in every community, in many different ways, nurses provide comfort and care and touch many lives. To recognize the contributions of nurses in Greater Lansing, LSJ is proud to announce the  2018 LSJ Salute to Nurses  call for nominations. Nominations are requested in seven categories: Clinical Practice, Nurse Education, Long-term & Hospice Care, Rising Stars, Community Service, In Service to Our Country and Lifetime Achievement. Send an email to Read More


  • Lansing - Outstanding Latino/Hispanic Caregiver


    McLaren Greater Lansing

    Submit this nomination form by December 31, 2017 to Human Resources.

    The Lansing Latino Health Alliance, founded in 2003, is a nonprofit organization with the mission of improving the health status of Latinos in the greater Lansing area by advocating for meaningful, effective and sustainable policy and systems changes to help reduce health disparities and inequities. The Alliance envisions the day when more Latinos enter healthcare fields in increased numbers and skill levels.

    The Lansing Latino Health Alliance wishes to recognize Latino / Hispanic caregivers of McLaren Greater Lansing whose service and commitment to providing excellent care have made a difference in the life of a patient.

    *Indicates required information


    This nominee meets the minimum eligibility criteria of having:

    • Self-declared as a Latino or Hispanic with McLaren Greater Lansing's Department of Human Resources, Medical Staff Office or other appropriate office 
    • Worked at McLaren Greater Lansing for at least 2 years in a full-time or part-time position

    This nominee is deserving of recognition, for s/he has consistently 

    • Made a significant difference in the life of a patient 
    • Has exceeded expectations in fulfilling her/his responsibilities 
    • Demonstrated professionalism in the workplace

    Attach a letter supporting the nomination from each of two colleagues/co-workers of the nominee by December 31, 2016. Note: You must upload a .pdf or image file. Word, Excel and Text documents are not permitted.

    Thank you very much for taking the time to nominate an extraordinary person for this award.

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  • Honor a Physician


    <a href="">Fill out my Wufoo form!</a> Read More


  • Lansing - Support Resources


    From screenings to survivorship, Karmanos Cancer Institute at McLaren Greater Lansing is proud to provide expert, compassionate service along the entire spectrum of cancer care. Read More