Spiritual Care

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We are here for you and your loved ones! Committed to the care of the whole person, we:
  •   actively listen 
  •   support you in your beliefs
  •   respect your privacy, protect your dignity
  •   are present in times of joy or crisis
  •   comfort and offer resources in the face of loss or death 
In addition, or if a patient prefers, we will contact his or her spiritual leader.  Permission is required from the patient or patient's representative beforehand.
  • When you sign in at Patient Registration, mention any faith tradition,  and the spiritual leader who you would like to visit you. Also let your spiritual leaders know you are in the hospital if you desire their visit. McLaren's full-time Chaplain Coordinator is always glad to visit you, at your request.
  • The hospital chapels are open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and are welcome spaces to reflect or pray.
  • Prayers for specific individuals or needs may be left in the prayer bowl on the altar.
  • At Greenlawn a prayer rug is available for those of the Islamic faith.
  • Small wedding or memorial services can be scheduled for either chapel (call the office of Spiritual Care (517) 975-6010).

  McLaren Greater Lansing Chapels offer quiet, private spaces

Greenlawn chapel

Greenlawn Chapel
Penn Campus chapel
Penn Campus Chapel

The McLaren Greater Lansing Hospital's commitment to spiritual care in every faith is reflected in its chapels. These chapels are silent spaces for prayer and meditation, no matter your religious faith or spiritual identity. The Greenlawn, or Ingham Chapel is fitted with worship symbols and holy scriptures from a variety of religious traditions. It is located on the first floor, between the visitor and patient entrances, opposite the Chi elevators. Look for the Office of Spiritual Care sign, above double doors that open into the chapel and spiritual care office. 

On the Pennsylvania campus, just past the information desk (near the old main lobby) there is a smaller chapel.