Looking for health information?  Try one of these educational sites:  

Mid Michigan Physicians is proud to introduce a free health-coaching/patient education resource for you and your family members.  This site, developed and maintained by GlaxoSmithKline, provides a Health Library with over 1,000 patient education resources for chronic conditions, general health, wellness and prevention.

Within these resources, you will find educational information, interactive assessments, quizzes, diaries, checklists and action plans.  HealthCoach4Me also provides My Coaching Plan, a virtual health-coaching program that helps you break your goals down in to small achievable steps.  Along with the virtual health coach, you can also receive support messages from your family and friends and receive e-mail or test reminders about your goals to help you stay on track.

To get started now and Take Charge of Your Health, click http://www.healthcoach4me.com/C000008 to register.