Meet our Distinguished Doctors

High-quality care requires driven, dedicated and determined physicians like those at McLaren Lapeer Region. Click below to meet some of our distinguished doctors.

Brad Blaker, DO

Emergency Medicine Brad Blaker, D.O.

Kevin Carter, DO

Diagnostic Radiology Kevin Carter, D.O.

Marites Cumba, MD

General Surgery Marites Cumba, M.D.

Moses Jones Jr., MD

Neurosurgery Moses Jones Jr., M.D.

Carlos Ledezma, MD

Interventional Radiology Carlos Ledezma, M.D.

Soe Maunglay, MD

Oncology/Hematology Soe Maunglay, M.D.

Nick Nunnally, DO

General Surgery Nick Nunnally, D.O.

Aalia Saeed, MD

Gastroenterology Aalia Saeed, M.D.

Neena Sharma, MD

Internal Medicine Neena Sharma, M.D.

Kenneth Tarr, DO

Diagnostic Radiology Kenneth Tarr, D.O.

Robert Travis, MD

Orthopedics Robert Travis, M.D.

Travis Walker, DO

Otolaryngology Travis Walker, D.O.