Managing Your Care

Your physician will direct the care provided to you at McLaren Lapeer Region. You may also see a consulting specialist during your stay. Not all physicians in the community care for their patients when they are in the hospital. If your regular physician does not provide hospital care, you may be admitted to our Hospitalist service.


The Hospitalist is a board-certified physician who specializes in the care of hospitalized patients. They direct care throughout your hospital stay. The Hospitalist checks on the patient daily, oversees the in-hospital care, and coordinates care with the patient's primary care physician and other physician specialists.

We receive many compliments from our patients related to the care they receive from our Hospitalists. It is important to note that our Hospitalists only provide care at the hospital. They do not have private office practices. Our Hospitalist physicians will provide a full report to your regular physician of the care you have received during your stay. When you see your primary care doctor after your discharge, you can be sure that they have the most up-to-date information regarding your health.

Case Coordination

We review treatment plans to ensure care is being delivered in the most appropriate setting, and approval for care is obtained when required by third-party payors (insurance companies, and government programs like Medicare and Medicaid). Your care manager will coodinate care during your stay, and provide referrals and assistance in arranging for home care services, durable medical equipment, and community services as needed. You or your family may contact us at (810) 667-5593.

Observation patients are outpatients who need additional testing in order to make clinical decisions regarding admission vs. outpatient treatment. This decision-making period is generally 24 hours. Our staff will give specific information regarding your care if you are in observation status.

Social Work

Social workers are available for counseling, assistance with senior services, arranging financial assistance, and placement in rehabilitation and assisted care facilities. Social Work can provide you with information about advance directives and durable power of attorney for health care. An advance directive allows you to express your wishes about the care you want to receive if you are unable to state your wishes. The durable power of attorney for health care allows you to appoint a family member, friend or other individual to be your advocate, and see that your wishes are carried out if you are unable to state your treatment wishes. For information about advance directives and durable power of attorney for health care, call (810) 667-5578.

Bioethics Committee

There are times when difficult choices must be made about course of treatment. If you or a family member have questions about ethical decisions and treatment, you may request an ethics consult by calling (810) 667-5599.