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After-hours care

Any care provided during the following time periods is considered “after-hours” care:

  • Evenings and nights (from when the office closes until it opens the following morning)
  • Weekends (from when the office closes Friday until it opens Monday morning)
  • Holidays (any nationally recognized holiday: New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day).

A designated caregiver from the practice will be on call and should be available by telephone. Calls will be answered by a call center, which then contacts the physician on call. The physician is expected to return calls within 15 minutes of notification from the call center.

Appointment reminders

Patients will receive a call 48 hours before the appointment to remind the patient about the appointment and to inform the patient about the no show fee.

Missed appointments

A patient who misses an appointment without notification is considered a “No Show”. Patients are expected to call the office to cancel within 24 hours of the scheduled appointment time.

  • The first No Show: If a patient misses an appointment without notification for the first time, the “No Show” status is entered into the patient’s record, but the patient will not be charged the extra fee. However, a letter will be mailed, notifying the patient of the office’s No Show Fee policy.
  • The second No Show: If a patient misses a second appointment without notification, the “No Show” status is again entered into the patient’s record and a No-Show Fee is charged. The patient will receive a letter of notification about the extra fee.
  • Fees: A fee of $35 is charged for a regular missed visit. A fee of $75 is charged for a missed extended visit (where more than 20 minutes was reserved for a procedure).
  • Pattern of missed appointments: A patient who has missed a number of appointments without notification in a 12-month time period has established a pattern of “No Shows.” This pattern could also include three missed appointments in a 12-month period of time or an established pattern of missed appointments in a short period of time. A patient with excessive missed appointments may be asked to leave the practice.
  • Exceptions: The No Show policy and fees will be waived for situations of inclement weather. The patient may contact the office the same day as the appointment to reschedule. Other exceptions include certain catastrophic circumstances (subject to the office manager’s approval).

Rescheduled appointments

Rescheduled appointments will require that the No Show fee is paid in full before the rescheduled appointment is booked.