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Athletic Medicine Institute

Athletic Medicine Institute - Sports Medicine Treatment and Prevention

Doctor Kieleszewski
Kurtis Kieleszewski, D.O., Macomb Athletic Medicine Institute Medical Director

The Athletic Medicine Institute (AMI) at McLaren Macomb specializes in sports medicine and the treatment, testing and preventive care of sports-related injuries and conditions.

For athletes of all ages and abilities, the team of experts at McLaren's AMI can provide the proper training, as well as the proper assessment to make sure an athlete is healthy enough to play and prepared enough to avoid injuries.

Customized Athletic Events

Individualized or Team Assessments

Athletes and coaches know the importance of working together as a team. And that's why we'll also work with coaches and associated trainers to bring a fit test on location -- so you can work together to achieve team goals better and faster.

McLaren Macomb's Athletic Medicine Institute can bring a customized sports medicine screening program or education event to area schools, or sports teams. For more information call (586) 992-9031.

Motion Analysis System

The McLaren Macomb motion analysis system is a high definition, computerized video analysis of the human body in motion. Sport-specific activities are recorded and broken down by one of our skilled licensed physical therapists providing an analyzed assessment of the mechanics of any activity. They'll analyze athletic performance including throwing motion, golf swing, running, jumping, and racquet sports.

Computerized Concussion Evaluation System

To help determine if an athlete has a concussion, the sports medicine team uses a computer-based evaluation system to help diagnose and manage a potential concussion. It also provides a baseline test that physicians can use for comparison in the event of an injury. Each computerized test uses state-of-the-art software to measure an individual athlete's symptoms, reaction time, attention span, working memory, and problem-solving so that analysis and recommendations can be made to improve the athlete's skills and ability.

This scientifically validated system looks at the athlete's performance during various cognitive functions. The results give physicians useful information for comparing pre and post-injury assessments and provides comprehensive information the physician may use to determine if it is safe for the athlete to return to play.

At the McLaren Athletic Institute, we're committed to supporting the achievement of each athlete's goals.

Girls ACL Injury Prevention Program

Compared to male athletes, female athletes are four times more likely to injure the knees' anterior cruciate ligament (ACL). McLaren's sports medicine specialists have developed an ACL injury prevention program designed especially for girls ages 12 to 18 that centers on proper body mechanics education. Training on the appropriate physical mechanics while athletes are younger can lead to lasting techniques that help reduce the chance of a sports-related injury. 

Alpha Weigh-in

Certified skin fold assessment is available for high school wrestling in compliance with the MHSAA state-mandated weight management program.