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Visitation Policy

Thank you for choosing the Family Birthing Center at McLaren Macomb. We look forward to providing you with extraordinary care during your stay.  We understand that this is an exciting time and you may have many visitors. Therefore we ask that you join our commitment to keeping our patients and babies safe and comfortable by encouraging and adhering to the rules set forth by the hospital.  We hope that you have a wonderful experience and choose McLaren Macomb for your future health needs.

Visitation Policy:

  • For patient safety during labor and delivery only the Care Partner and Care Support Team (3 visitors) are permitted to be with the patient.
  • The patient will identify the Care Partner and the Care Support Team upon admission.
  • The Care Partner will have 24-hour access to the Birthing Center (as indicated by a special bracelet) and will participate in discussions and decisions with the healthcare team.
  • Children under 18 years of age are not permitted to act as the Care Partner, therefore are not permitted to spend the night. Special accommodations may be made in cases where the minor is also the expectant parent.
  • The patient may choose two additional people to act as the Care Support team. The Care Support Team will also have a special bracelet to have access to the patient during hospitalization, including the labor and delivery process.
  • The Care Partner may stay the night with the patient.All other visitors, family members and Care Support person will be asked to return during visiting hours.
  • After delivery the visiting hours are 8a.m.-8p.m
  • Children under 12 years of age are not permitted to the Family Birthing Center, unless the child is a sibling of a newborn.
  • Each patient is allowed 4 visitors in addition, to the Care Partner and Care Support Team after delivery.
  • All visitors will be directed to the Family Birthing waiting room until the Care Partner advises that it is okay to visit the patient.
  • All visitors will check-in with the nurse or unit clerk prior to entering the patient’s room.
  • All visitors are expected to excuse themselves and return to the waiting room if asked by the patient or staff.
  • To maintain a calm environment all visitors are expected to refrain from using loud voices and obscene or foul language.
  • McLaren Macomb is a non-smoking campus and all visitors are expected to adhere to the smoking policy of the hospital.




The McLaren Macomb Family Birthing Center