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Cancer Committee

McLaren Macomb Cancer Committee

The Cancer Committee has leadership responsibility and accountability for cancer program activities at McLaren Macomb. It is multidisciplinary, representing physicians from the diagnostic and treatment specialties, and non-physicians from administrative and supportive services provided to cancer patients. Below are listings of the leadership for the committee, as well as all the valuable members.

Arthur Frazier, MD, Chair
*Radiation Oncology

Monroe Adams, DO

Pat Keigher (*Community Outreach Coordinator)
*Program Administrator

McKenzie Bigger, RT(*Quality Improvement Coordinator)
Medical Oncology

Stephen Cahill DO(*Cancer Liaison Physician/Cancer Conferences Coordinator)

Judith Squibb, CTR (*Quality Control Cancer Registry Data)
*Cancer Registrar

Anita Crosena
*Clinical Research

Justin Stenz, DO
*Diagnostic Radiology

F. Andrew Knechtl, DO
*Medical Oncology

Cynthia Scott, RN
*Oncology Nursing

Michael Mulcahy
*Rehabilitation representative

Kathryn Candela, LMSW (*Psychosocial Services Coordinator)
*Social Work

Rachel Reagle
*Genetic Counseling

Mindi Odom
American Cancer Society

Rose Penzien RN
Breast Center

Roy E. Hanks, DO

Lisa Langenburg, DO
Family Practice

Lauren Lawrence, VP
Karmanos Cancer Institute

Sarah Vyskocil DO

Salman Fateh, DO
Medical Oncology

P. Thomas Porter, MD
Medical Oncology

Monroe Adams, DO

Tara Eastin, DO
Palliative Care / Home Care / Hospice

Allan Miller, RPh

Shelley Schendel, DO

Kayla Ladd, RD