Patient Care Areas

Cardiac Specialty Unit

The Cardiac Specialty Unit is a 35-bed unit that offers services to adult cardiac patients. This unit provides continuous centralized monitoring and specialized cardiac nursing care. Primary diagnoses for this unit include angina, coronary artery disease, pre- and post-coronary bypass graft, CHF, pacemaker and defibrillator insertion, PTCA, carotid, cardiac and renal stenting, and unstable MI post-revascularization.

Children's Center

The Children's Center is located adjacent to the Family Birthing Center, on the 3rd floor of the east tower of the hospital. The unit is divided into two parts nursery and pediatrics. Nursery provides care to newborns requiring additional medical care after birth. Pediatrics provides care to children up to 18 years of age. Pediatric private rooms are complete with a television, and sleep chair for a parent to stay overnight.

All staff is trained to provide care to children from birth to 18 years of age. All pediatricians are board-certified in pediatric medicine. A full range of pediatric specialty physicians are available to assist in your child's care if necessary. The department also has a direct relationship with Children's Hospital of Michigan for more serious illnesses. Case managers and social workers are also available to provide assistance. Our staff recognizes that having a child hospitalized can be very stressful and will make your stay as easy as possible. Parent visitation is encouraged.

Emergency Center

The McLaren Macomb Emergency Center treats more than 200 major trauma cases per year. Approximately one third of the cases seen in the Emergency Center are pediatric patients. The Emergency Center has 24 private exam rooms and three trauma beds.

Family Birthing Center

The Family Birthing Center (FBC) provides individualized family focused care in a teaching environment. The Center has 15 birthing suites. All nurses rotate through triage, outpatient, labor, mother/baby, circulator, and recovery room. Training includes fetal monitoring, neonatal resuscitation, basic arrhythmia, and high-risk obstetrics. McLaren Macomb has 24-hour anesthesia/neonatology coverage. 

Intensive Care Unit

The Intensive Care Unit is a 33-bed unit that treats patients over the age of 14 who are in severely compromised states. Both medical and surgical diagnoses are treated in the unit. Nursing care focuses on traditional ICU diagnoses as well as care for the open-heart patient and bariatric surgery patient.

Medical Telemetry

The Medical Telemetry Unit is a 43-bed medical/surgical unit for adult patients aged 18 years and older. Nursing care focuses on specific diagnoses which include, but are not limited to, CHF, CVA, TIA, fluid and electrolyte imbalance, type I and type II diabetes, uncontrolled hyperglycemia and insulin drips, non-active and active gastrointestinal bleeds, cardiac contusions, drug withdrawal without active DTs, COPD, atypical chest pain, pneumonia, seizure disorder, syncope and mental status change.

Operating Room

The new Surgery Center has eight suites along with six suites in the main hospital. Surgical areas include, but are not limited to, neurology, urology, total joints, orthopedic, general surgery, eyes, ENT, GYN, CVT, trauma and vascular. Orientation will cover all specialties. This unit requires mandatory weekends, holidays and on call.

Surgical Telemetry

The Surgical Telemetry Unit is a 45-bed unit for adult patients.  Nursing care focuses on pre- and post-operative patients, as well as trauma patients.  Other diagnoses include, but are not limited to, chest pain, CHF, COPD, renal failure, CVA, TIA, fluid and electrolyte imbalance, GI bleeds, and uncontrolled hyperglycemia requiring insulin drip. 

Unit 3 West

Unit 3 West is a 42-bed unit that offers a variety of services for adult patients 18 years and older. Thirty-eight beds are designated for general surgery, orthopedic and observation patients. Four beds are designated as a vascular unit to provide more frequent monitoring and assessment for this patient group. Nursing care focuses on several diagnoses for each specialty area. General surgery: bowel resection, mastectomies, multi-system trauma, cholecystectomies, hysterectomies, and appendectomies. Orthopedic Services: total joint replacement, laminectomies, and multi-system trauma.

Unit 5 South

Unit 5 South is a 26-bed medical/surgical unit for patients 18 years and older. Currently all beds are designated as general medical/surgical. This unit is the designated inpatient hospice unit and cares for an average of two to four hospice patients on a daily basis. Unit 5 South is also the designated oncology unit at McLaren Macomb. Nursing care focuses on general medicine and general surgery patients with specific diagnoses that include CHF, COPD, pneumonia, CVA, cellulitis, various stages and forms of cancer, gastrointestinal hemorrhage, renal failure, end of life care, and anemia.