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Posted Date: 9/8/2015

McLaren Macomb offers affordable advanced sports physicals for athletes

student athlete

Every year, before they step onto the field, student-athletes are required to have a sports physical done and McLaren Macomb’s Athletic Medicine Institute works hard to make it affordable for everyone.

The basic sports physical includes measuring height and weight, taking pulse rate and blood pressure, checking the heart and lungs, checking reflexes, coordination, strength, testing vision, hearing, ears, nose and throat, a urinalysis and a hernia screening for males. McLaren Macomb offers this for only $25, but is this enough?

Heart and pulmonary problems have the possibility of going undetected in basic sports physicals and McLaren Macomb offers advanced screenings in both areas. It offers a full lung function test and EKG performed on the heart for only $75. stethescope

“These advanced tests have the capability of hearing something in the heart or lungs that the basic physical may not,” said Jeannine Hurst, coordinator, Athletic Medicine Institute at McLaren Macomb. “We never want something to go undetected.”

The National Center for Catastrophic Sport Injury Research suggests that 15 high school athletes die each year due to heart-related issues. These deaths could be prevented with an advanced heart screening.

And once a problem is detected, the screening can help determine the next step in the athletes’ care.

These tests can also be used as a baseline when an athlete comes in with an injury or signs of a problem.

“If one of these tests could be the difference between life and death for a student athlete, they should be a requirement,” Hurst said. “Better safe than sorry.”

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