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Posted Date: 10/1/2015

Meet Dawn - Employee of the Month

Dawn is employee of the month

At McLaren Macomb we believe in recognizing outstanding employees who consistently exceed expectations to ensure the highest degree of patient satisfaction. The Employee of the Month award is presented to an employee whose exemplary performance, professionalism and leadership contributes to McLaren Macomb’s mission and core values.

Meet Dawn
Clinical Coordinator

Dawn was born at Mount Clemens General Hospital and grew up in Macomb County. She has been married to her husband Todd for 22 years and has two sons - Jesse, 18, and Scotty, 8.

Dawn attended Ross Medical Education Center in Chesterfield. She chose to work at Mount Clemens General after her Ross instructor arranged an internship for her. She professes, “After spending just a short time on the job, I fell in love with MCGH, my many co-workers, physicians and, of course, the patients.” Dawn is proud to now have been working at McLaren Macomb for seven years.

Dawn is currently a clinic coordinator for Dr. Wendt and Dr. McMann within the McLaren Macomb Multispecialty Clinic in Clinton Township. At the resident clinic specializing in internal medicine, orthopedics, spine, trauma, urology, general and vascular surgery, Dawn oversees all medical assistants and is responsible for scheduling, maintaining inventory and ordering all supplies. She is also the medical assistant to the internal medicine ortho residents as well.

What inspires and motivates Dawn most about her job is the satisfaction she receives when providing her highest level of patient care. Says Dawn, “I love direct patient care and assisting my doctors. I also love the team that surrounds me every day.”

Dawn is able to turn a bad day around and make it good by staying positive and focused on the good that happens and realizing every day how blessed she is for her job, her family and being able to do what she loves to do.

Her advice for new employees: “Never lose your compassion and never become calloused to the patients’ needs, regardless of how many times a patient calls or requests your assistance.”

Her favorite part of her job is interacting with her patients and coworkers. She takes great pride knowing that she will go over and above to help any patient.

In general Dawn believes, “There is no task that I would not try. I am a very dedicated and reliable employee.” She continually strives to provide the highest degree of patient care knowing that patient satisfaction is contingent upon her performing her job duties with integrity and pride.

In her spare time Dawn volunteers for the Macomb County Community College Committee for Medical Assistants and McLaren Macomb’s annual BRAvo event.

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