Expecting moms: Learning from those who have been (and are) there

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The availability of classes and books can help a mother- and father-to-be get ready for their new arrival, but there is still a lot to be gained from the experiences of those who have gone through a pregnancy (and are going through one again!).

Meet Nikki (31 weeks with child #3 in the care of Dr. Linda Karadsheh)


"My pregnancies are pretty similar symptom-wise. I just feel huge and still have 8 weeks to go. I was the most sick with my daughter. And I would say that I am way more tired and my body definitely tells me to relax and put my feet up. It's a lot different being pregnant and having 2 toddlers to chase after. I am having Braxton Hicks and I did not with my previous two. This baby is extremely active and packs a good punch! He takes my breath away often! He clearly makes himself comfortable."

"My almost 4-year-old is very excited and constantly tells me my tummy is getting bigger! He likes to lift my shirt over my tummy and feel and watch the baby moving! At first when we found out it was a boy he said his name was Astro Boy, now we've moved onto Flash (the super hero). My 16-month-old daughter doesn't totally get it but she does lift my shirt and kiss my tummy and points and says "˜baby.' "

"My husband knows when I have reached my limit with the kids (I get overwhelmed sometimes) so he takes them outside or goes to play in the basement. He cleans around the house if I don't feel up to it, which isn't often. Pretty much anytime I ask for help he's there assisting! He works and I stay at home."

"I do not necessarily have a birthing plan. I just know I'm having a scheduled C-section. My previous two were C-sections. I am also having my tubes tied at the same time. My doctor has been on board and supports my decisions!"

"I absolutely love Dr. Karadsheh! I'm kind of disappointed that I will only be seeing her once a year after my 6 week post-partum appointment. She is very down to earth and never seems to be rushing when she is with me!"

Meet Erin (36 weeks pregnant with first child under the care of Dr. Sarah Vyskocil)


"Our pregnancy was not planned and I am the type of person who plans out everything! My boyfriend is the one who is the more "go with the flow" type of person. I kind of freaked out with everything that we needed to do for our child before she arrives and just kept hearing how "time flies" while you're pregnant. I am here, at 36 weeks pregnant, to tell you that everything will work out and everything will be okay! Your baby will get what they need from you. Your partner, your parents or your friends-just surround yourself with people who truly care and love you and your soon-to-be bundle of joy." =)

"I did a lot of research on birthing centers around where we live. What attracted me to the McLaren Macomb birthing center at first was its location-it's right around the corner from where we live! The more I read about the birthing center, the more I fell in love with it! You give mothers their own personal suites for privacy! You allow mothers to stay comfortable in these suites for the labor, delivery and recovery along with their new born in the same room! You have an amazing security system in place for the newborn babies, the mothers and fathers. Your nurses work twelve hour shifts, so chances are that you'll have the same nurse for all or most of your delivery process. All of these things have put my boyfriend and me at ease about how labor will go."

"The one thing that I have been craving that I have always hated is"¦ deviled eggs! Ever since I was little, I have hated the texture and taste of the white part of a cooked egg. But I could put down six in one sitting now that I'm pregnant!"

"My experience with Dr. Vyskocil has been great! I love her! I read a lot of reviews on her before we decided to go in and see her. She will stay with you and answer any questions you and/or your partner may have! She will not let you leave her office with a question unanswered. In my eyes, the waiting is well worth it." =)

Meet Kathaleen (28 weeks pregnant with her second child under the care of Dr. Linda Karadsheh)

"I started taking prenatal vitamins maybe four months prior to trying. I didn't see my doctor before starting to try accept at my annual."

"I am trying to get everything cleaned out throughout the whole house! Have also been washing all the baby's clothes, blankets, etc., and getting things ready, like the breast pump and installing the car seat base. We have been getting the baby's room ready as well, while we move our son into his new room."

"I didn't actually choose it, but I did choose my doctor and that's where Dr. Karadsheh works out of, so that's where I go! She's been great-I don't live near her office or near McLaren Macomb hospital, but she makes the whole thing so comfortable that I don't mind driving the little bit of extra distance for an ob/gyn that I am at ease with."

To learn more about the Family Birthing Center at McLaren Macomb, visit mclaren.org/deliveringdaily.