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Posted Date: 6/24/2016

McLaren Macomb creates Macomb County's first PERT

Cardiologists in cath lab

McLaren Macomb, the 288-bed, Mount Clemens-based hospital, has established the Pulmonary Embolism Response Team (PERT) to utilize the latest technology to quickly treat pulmonary embolisms (PE). Composed of cardiologists, pulmonologists, emergency medicine physicians and vascular surgeons, the goal of McLaren Macomb PERT is to reduce long-term symptoms of patients with pulmonary embolisms — a blood clot blocking flow in one of the pulmonary arteries. Dr. Blair DeYoung

A growing trend across the nation, McLaren Macomb PERT is the first team of its kind in Macomb County.

Through a collaboration between the McLaren cardiologists and vascular surgeons, McLaren Macomb PERT is able to treat patients from McLaren Clarkston, McLaren Oakland and McLaren Port Huron.

“Until recently, PE treatments were mainly medication-based with few, invasive procedures,” said M. Blair DeYoung, D.O., interventional cardiologist with the McLaren Cardiovascular Institute and organizer of McLaren Macomb PERT. “Now, having access to innovative technology, minimally-invasive procedures are available to us to treat this condition quicker, restoring blood flow and setting the patient up for reduced symptoms and a higher quality of life in the long-term.”

The formal PERT team activation process will begin with a patient arriving at one of the facilities — by ambulance or other means — presenting with symptoms consistent with PE (chest pain, lightheadedness, rapid heart rate, shortness of breath). Upon confirmation via CAT scan, the team is activated. If needed, patients will be transferred via ambulance to McLaren Macomb interventional area for treatment

The patient will then undergo the EkoSonic® Endovascular procedure — of which McLaren Macomb was the first in the county to perform — to break up the clot, speeding up its removal and enhancing clinical outcomes.

To learn more about the McLaren Cardiovascular Institute and heart care at McLaren Macomb, visit

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