If the patient is unable to walk on the treadmill, the test can still be performed by using a medication called ADENOSINE. ADENOSINE causes the body to react in the same as if the patient had actually walked on the treadmill. After the IV is started and the resting images are performed, the patient is given a medication (ADENOSINE) through the IV to dilate the coronary artery vessels. Post test images will be then taken.

  • Your heart is monitored continuously by a nurse using an EKG machine during the ADENOSINE infusion.
  • The medication is administered thru the IV over a time span of 4 minutes.
  • You may feel warm and flushed (just like you were exercising vigorously)
  • All feelings of exercise will be gone one minute after the infusion of the medicine is stopped.
  • Our cardiologist interprets the test upon completion.

Preparing for Test:

  • Fast for 2 hours before the test
  • If diabetic and not able to eat before the 2 hour fast, please hold your diabetes medication until after the test. Example: If your test is at 7:30am you must eat prior to 5:30am and nothing after.