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Being compliant with a physician’s prescribed medical care is crucial for having the best odds to stay healthy, we want to help our patients with prescription refills. We have numerous calls and faxes throughout the day from pharmacies for our patients’ prescription needs and we want to ensure the accuracy of the prescription information while handling requests in as efficient a manner as possible.

Pharmacies or discount/mail-away medication programs must call, fax or send to us their requests
(or the patient may bring in the request to be faxed directly from our office).

Proper medical care means that prescriptions cannot be indefinitely refilled without reevaluation in person here in our office at whatever time-period your condition dictates. So that we are able to get medications our patients need in a timely fashion, there are some things our patients can do to work with us.

    1. Watch medication refill dates – ask for your refills two to four business days before they run out (or several weeks if sending away for your prescriptions). Plan ahead! Last minute requests can cause problems that can results in a delay in getting your medications.
    2. Call your pharmacy directly to ask for refills. We can only accept fax requests from pharmacies to ensure accuracy of your prescriptions. Except in specific situations, we need to hear from them as we cannot routinely call them.
    3. Ask pharmacies to fax us your request. We will return your approvals within two (2) business days. Thus, please anticipate when your medications will run out and plan accordingly.
      NOTE: We strongly recommend that you ask your pharmacy to fax us requests immediately after you inform them of the need and then confirm with the pharmacy that your prescription is ready. We cannot be responsible for pharmacies that themselves wait until the last minute to fax us requests.

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