A treadmill stress test is a test to evaluate for possible blockages in the coronary arteries. Upon arrival a small I.V. is inserted into the arm or hand.  After a short waiting period images will be taken of the patient while resting.  After these images the patient will walk on a treadmill to achieve a target heart rate.  Images will be taken again while the patient is in a post exercise state.

  • Your heart is monitored continuously by a nurse using an EKG machine as you exercise on the treadmill.
  • The treadmill starts out slowly and increases gradually in speed and incline.
  • Our cardiologist interprets the test upon completion.

Preparing for Test:

  • Fast for 2 hours before the test
  • If diabetic and not able to eat before the 2 hour fast, please hold your diabetes medication until after the test.  Example:  If your test is at 7:30am you must eat prior to 5:30am and nothing after.
  • You may take your normal medications unless otherwise instructed.
  • Wear comfortable clothes for exercise.  Example: tennis shoes, sweats, and (female) loose fitting blouse for EKG hook-up.