BRAvo dancer profile: Kathleen Konath and Dr. Timothy Logan

Kathleen knows how lucky she is.

Dr. Timothy Logan and Kathleen Konath

"I had it a lot easier, and I know I did," she said of her breast cancer diagnosis, treatment and ultimate return good health. "I was very blessed."

When she was 39, she felt a lump in her breast during a self-examination.

She made an appointment with her physician right away, getting a biopsy to confirm to her that it was in fact breast cancer.

Justifiably nervous and scared with this diagnosis, it was important to Kathleen to maintain stability - to not let her cancer dictate her life or the lives of her husband and 11-year old daughter.

"I was confident in the care I was receiving," she said, "but I didn't want this to change us. I didn't let this change us."

Undergoing a radical mastectomy and three rounds of chemotherapy, Kathleen experienced the traditional symptoms of nausea and fatigue. But she maintained strength for her family.

"If I was tired or nauseous, I would eat a bagel," she said. "That seemed to be the only thing that worked for me. I actually gained weight. Who gains weight during their chemo? I ate a lot of bagels."

That was 24 years ago, and since that day of her last chemo treatment, outside of a daily medication, her cancer still hasn't impacted her life. She truly beat it.

She feels blessed to have had the support and care of her family, her sister, Carol, and co-workers at Family First medical practice.

Knowing it was much easier for her than the countless other women who bravely battle breast cancer every day, she jumped at the chance to participate in BRAvo 2017.

Her partner, Dr. Timothy Logan, an interventional cardiologist with the McLaren Cardiovascular Institute, is no stranger to breast cancer either.

The disease took his grandmother in the late 80s and he watched, and helped guide, his mother through two breast cancer diagnosis.

"Medicine has come so far in that time," he said of the advances in the years between his grandmother's and mother's diagnosis. "My mother's doing very well and we're very grateful."

In fact, Dr. Logan has long been a strong supporter of BRAvo, attending the last several with his survivor mother.

This year, though, she will get to see him perform alongside Kathleen. But he is no stranger to dance.

"I've never done anything professionally," he said. "But I've taken classes recreationally, like tango and swing. It's fun, I've always enjoyed it."

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