Congratulations - Dr. Richardson, Dr. St. Hilaire and Staff

I would like to invite you to join me in congratulating Lansing Minimally Invasive Surgical Associates for receiving recognition in clinical quality and patient experience. Dr. Melissa Richardson, Dr. Nicholas St. Hilaire, and their team set the bar high, being among the highest scoring practices across McLaren Medical Group. The feedback from their patients is consistently positive and highlights the strength of their team. 
In addition to receiving the award for their practice, Dr. Richardson and Dr. St. Hilaire are recipients of the Overall Outstanding Provider award, which is an award that requires nomination by their peers and is based on Quality and Patient Experience scores. Dr. Richardson and Dr. St. Hilaire demonstrate extraordinary commitment to patient care and uphold our mission, vision, and values. They are remarkably talented, genuinely compassionate, and dedicated to providing patient-centered care.
Below is a list of services offered by Dr. Richardson and Dr. St. Hilaire. I have also attached a flyer that describes their practice in more detail; you will also receive a copy in the mail. I am confident that patients referred to, and cared for, by this team will be in the best hands.
Laparoscopic Surgery
Abdominal Wall Hernia
Dialysis Catheters
Hiatal Herniorrhaphy
Inguinal Hernia
Small Bowel
General Surgery
Skin and Soft Tissue