Influenza Update

As Flu season approaches, we want to share with you information on isolating an influenza positive patient. Questions arise every year and below are the facts!
  • Flu patients require DROPLET PRECAUTIONS. Standard Precautions should always be followed.
  • CDC states these requirements for the duration of Droplet Precautions:
  • "Droplet precautions should be implemented for patients with suspected or confirmed influenza for 7 days after illness onset or until 24 hours after the resolution of fever and respiratory symptoms, whichever is longer, while a patient is in a healthcare facility. In some cases, facilities may choose to apply droplet precautions for longer periods based on clinical judgment, such as in the case of young children or severely immunocompromised patients,       who may shed influenza virus for longer periods of time."
  • Infection Control should be consulted on removal of patients from Droplet Precautions.
Your best way to prevent the spread of the Flu (and catching it yourself), is to get vaccinated. Our Flu vaccination rate for MGL employees currently is approximately 38%. A higher compliance rate would provide a safer environment  for our patients and a safer environment  to work.
Vaccine can be obtained on most inpatient floors and through Employee Health. Staff can vaccinate each other but documentation must be completed and routed to Employee Health to have on record. If you decline the vaccination please fill out a declination form with Employee Health.
Contact Samantha Harris RN, ADN, Infection Prevention Specialist with any questions. She can be reached by calling (517) 975-8509 or emailing