Mary: A letter of thanks

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MaryAs I move into this season of gratitude I cannot help but start with being thankful for my active life. Because of RNY surgery, and doing the complete lifestyle change that is necessary, I doing things and living a vibrant life that I did not ever think was possible. When you weigh over 400 pounds it is hard to even think that real change is possible.

But I know the moment when I thought it might be possible for me. My husband came home from a doctor's appointment. He was basically told that if he did not do something about his weight he would probably be dead in less than 10 years. I said ok, I will do this with you and I went on line and discovered that McLaren Macomb was having an information night about Bariatric Surgery options the next night. So we went. I arrived separate from my husband and was getting in a few minutes late. And that was the moment I thought that a life style change might really be possible. Because into that elevator walked a very well dressed handsome man that actually smiled at me, made eye contact, and had an oral conversation with the morbidly obese lady. I remember thinking to myself, "if this guy is the surgeon, and he things surgery would work for me, then I will do it." Sure enough, the man on the elevator was Dr. Pesta. I give thanks for that elevator ride.

But while he has an important role as the surgeon, he actually represents a team of people. A team that has always treated me with respect and encouragement no matter what the number on the scale reflected. A team that helped me and my husband through the paperwork and getting ready for the surgery. A team that would answer all kinds of random questions during those early days with patience and grace, (even though we had the 3-ring binder with the information already unit at our finger tips.) A team that was supportive through my emergency Gallbladder surgery and even brought me over the protein shakes I needed for a meal. I am so thankful for this caring team that know both of us by name, cares about our health journey, and goes the extra mile.

This entire team, plus my incredible husband has helped me obtain a life style that I never thought was possible. But I was wrong, it is possible with hard work, RNY surgery, Dr. Pesta and his team to live my life to its fullest. I have completed a half-marathon, I ride my bike easily, I shop for clothes in regular stores, and I even climbed a thirty foot telephone pole last week in order to do a high ropes course. From big things to little things, I do not take them for granted and I give thanks for the people that have been part of my journey.

Love and Peace In Christ,


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