McLaren Greater Lansing Residents Among Winners at 2018 Mid-Michigan Regional Research Day

Congratulations to all of the presenters that participated in the 2018 Mid-Michigan Regional Research Day.  The event was a great success. 

Below is a complete list of the winners with those from McLAren Greater Lansing and McLAren Greater Lansing in bold. .A special congratulations to Drs. Deere, An, Campbell, Schratz, and Manners for winning awards. 

Best Oral Presentation:

1st Place (tie):  Brandi Manning, DO, MSU Internal Medicine
1st Place (tie): Matthew Deere, DO, MGL General Surgery
2nd Place: In Chul An, DO, MGL Gastroenterology

3rd Place: Prajwal Dhakal, MD, MSU Internal Medicine

Best Clinical Research/Basic Science Research by a Fellow:

1st Place: Chintan Gandhi, MD, MSU Neonatology

Best Clinical Research/Basic Science Research by a Resident:

1st Place: Andi Peshkepija, MD, MSU General Surgery
2nd Place: Kun-Tai Hsu, MD, MSU General Surgery
3rd Place: Ashley Holly, MD, MSU General Surgery

Best Case Study:

1st Place (tie): Nathan Campbell, DO, MGL Internal Medicine
1st Place (tie): Danielle Dougherty, MD, MSU General Surgery
1st Place (tie): Jessica Carney, DO, MSU Pediatrics
2nd Place: Millicent Schratz, DO, MSU PM&R
3rd Place: Sarah Manners, DO, MGL OB/GYN

4th Place: Sian West, DO, Sparrow OB/GYN

Best Submission by a Medical Student:

Ediana Hoxhallari - MSU CHM