McLaren Hosted Two Esteemed Guests from the Association of Korean Medicine

On October 1, Dr. Linda Peterson (Chief Medical Officer) and Dr. Sheri Clarke (Director of Medical Education) had the honor of hosting two esteemed guests from the Association of Korean Medicine (AKOM). Dr. Hyug Yong Choi (President) and Dr. Moon-Seok Choi (Vice President) were doing research on the collaboration between MD (Allopathic) and DO (Osteopathic) physicians. They are preparing to make recommendations to their own government regarding the potential merger between Traditional and Allopathic medicine in Korea.  They enjoyed speaking with multiple physicians from the departments of OB, ED, and ICU. Next year, they hope to bring back a national delegation of officials from the Ministry of Health, Korea Government, and news reporters from their national newspapers. They were facilitated by the MSUCOM Institute for Global Health (IGH).