Minimally invasive options for spine surgery


Years ago the thought of walking the day after spinal surgery was unimaginable.

With the minimally invasive techniques expertly utilized by McLaren Macomb orthopedic spine surgeon Dr. Anthony Cucchi, standing up and walking the next day is the expectation. In fact, most of his patients walk out of the hospital within a day of their surgery.

"There's still a stigma surrounding back surgery"“one that sees the patient laid up in bed and immobilized for many weeks," Dr. Cucchi said. "The reality of many common spinal surgeries today is that patients are recovering much quicker and walking sooner when they undergo this minimally invasive approach."

Most back pain gets worse over time. Herniated discs and other degenerative disc diseases can lead to debilitating pain in the back and neck and send shooting pain down the arms and legs. Depending on the severity, some require surgery.

"Patients are currently living longer, their spinal disease continues to progress which may require them to undergo surgery to fix the underlying problem, but many will put off spinal surgery because they feel living with the pain is preferable to going through what they think will be the recovery," Dr. Cucchi said. "With minimally invasive approaches, the recovery is nowhere near what it used to be."

Minimally invasive techniques allow Dr. Cucchi access to the spine through small incisions.

This approach significantly decreases the size of the incision with less soft tissue damage than required in the traditional approach. This leads to less surgical time, less blood loss and a lower infection rate, resulting in a quicker recovery and less need for post-op pain medications.

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