My pain-free life

Phil working out his hip

From Phil, a hip replacement patient:

May 2, 2016, was the start of my pain-free life.

The year before, I didn't know if I would be limping around because my ankle, knee or back was hurting. I couldn't sit for more than 10 minutes in one spot. I'd have to shift into a different position.

Worse was I couldn't pinpoint what was wrong. One picture (X-ray) told the whole story. My left hip was worn out-bone-on-bone.

This is where I meet Dr. Kevin Hanlon. We talked things over, he let me know how and what would be done. He showed me how the implant would be placed. With this done, I made my appointment for May.

Dr. Kevin Hanlon

I can't say enough about how well things went. Everything Dr. Hanlon and staff told me came true. I was back at the gym three weeks later and as of now, the hip operation was the best thing I could have done.

Thank you, Dr. Hanlon and staff.