New Surgery Process: After 5 p.m. Add On Cases

It has been decided that after 5 p.m. add-on cases (including through the weekend) will be handled by sending the patients to the Emergency Department by the referring surgeon. 

This will alleviate the staff working at the surgery front desk from needing to create any encounters. The patients will be registered and an Emergency Department encounter will be created by the registration staff in the Emergency Dept. The Surgery Desk may still need to board the case if it is determined by the ED physician that the case does in fact need to go to surgery.   

It is the hope that some further collaboration with the ED will be able to facilitate a physician to physician conversation. That conversation will help streamline the patient through the ED to Surgery. More to come on that process. Front desk team members will only board cases for patients currently in the hospital (ED or Inpatient). Any patient that is not currently in the hospital should be directed to the emergency department. This decision will help to ensure that we have the proper insurance authorization, CPT code, and minimize any monetary loss we could incur.