New Time Log System with LUDI DocTime Log

We want to share with you a new solution we are bringing to all our physicians who serve in an administrative capacity called, DocTime Log®. Provided by Ludi, Inc., this new web-based solution will allow you to log your worked hours electronically. You are welcome to use your Android, iPhone, iPad or any computer with web access. This solution will expedite your payments from an administrative standpoint, allow you to track where each log is in the approval process and serve as a database for related work. Additionally, DocTime Log allows both you and the hospital to maintain the utmost compliance to our agreement, protecting us both from any Federal and/or State violations. 

DocTime Log® will go live on August 1 and you or your office manager will receive a welcome letter with login information to the email address we have on record. You will have access to a quick video tutorial after logging in. Your email address will serve as a key connection to the DocTime Log platform, so please contact Kate Cramer at (517) 975-7578 or to correct an email address. 

Web-based training sessions (30 minutes) will be available on the following dates/times: 
August 1 at 7:00 a.m. 
August 6 at 5:30 p.m. 

Below is the webinar link and dial-in information: 
Join the meeting: To dial in by phone: (302) 202-5900 
Conference ID: 954-573-746 # 

If you prefer to do the web-based training on-site at the hospital, the computers in the Physician’s Lounge will be available to you on these dates. 

Click the links for additional information on the DocTime product and a FAQs sheet

We look forward to bringing this automation to you as we continue to improve your experience with us.